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Essential Tips for Smooth Shipping in Dubai to Avoid Delivery Delays

Shipping delays are quite common in the process of placing items. The delay occurs from various causes, such as shortages in manpower, supply chain issues, mistakes in shipping details, weather, congestion, and so on. However, customers don't really like these delays. So, are there ways to avoid delivery delays? 

Of course, there are! In this post, we will discuss ways to avoid these delivery delays. 

Ways to Overcome Delivery Delays

Companies like Porter UAE have been showing us hour-based deliveries or same-day deliveries, and there is no way they could undergo a delay. However, this does not mean delivery delays do not happen; they still do due to certain challenges. We can avoid them with some tricks and tips. The tricks and tips are listed below:

a) Better Communication

Better communication throughout the supply chain can enhance the procedure as a whole. Communication can resolve a large number of issues and can play a role as a boosting mechanism throughout the delivery process. You will mainly have to communicate with your customers and inform them beforehand if there will be any delivery delay. Let them understand the situation, and once they do, you can work with a little less pressure. Delivery does not happen out of choice, so this can buy you some more time. 

b) Online Tracking Systems

Online tracking systems make things much easier. When there are online tracking systems, the delivery company and the consumer can track the package. It allows the recipient to be notified directly regarding any details, and most importantly, it allows the customer to look for the congestion that has happened and where exactly the consignment is caught.     

c) Better Labelling

When all the consignments are labelled properly, and clearly, mistakes and delays are most likely not going to happen. Various delays occur in deliveries because of wrong or unclear labelling. Clear labelling ensures that the parcel reaches the right ships, trucks, and destinations in time. 

d) Offer Discounts During Testing Times

It is distressing to have delays in package deliveries, especially when the waiting period is extended or the parcel has not arrived as anticipated. That is why delivery companies need to offer discounts and reward points when there are delivery delays. This ensures that the customer does not get hurt and the company's reputation is kept high. 

e) Partner with Some Domestic Suppliers

Partner with domestic suppliers to avoid any delays in deliveries. Domestic suppliers can speed up the process and make sure deliveries are made faster through easier routes and more manpower. These domestic suppliers can pick up the packages from you and deliver them directly to the consumer. It is hassle-free since you would be teaming up with expert travellers of the region. 

Reasons for Delivery Delays

There are quite some causes for why delivery delays happen, and they are:

a) Currently Happening Events

Sudden political changes, economic factors, or events can cause these sorts of delays. For instance, if your package is arriving by air, and there has been a surge of crowds in the airport terminals due to the arrival of a celebrity, this could cause a delay,

b) Holidays

Government holidays also mean delays in delivery. The government holiday might not mean a holiday to your business, but it could be to the delivery companies, the intermediate companies and much more. Therefore, it is best to plan ahead, look for government holidays, and make sure a high number of deliveries are shifted to different dates.  

c) Supply Chain Issues

When the raw material delivery person does not inform the wholesaler of the right details and the wholesaler gets the wrong data carried out to the retailer, the whole supply chain collapses in terms of delivery time. This kind of supply chain issue can arise when there is no proper communication between the different points of the chain. 

d) Incorrect Details

Incorrect details, such as the wrong details on the consignment or the wrong truck details, can delay delivery. This can be resolved when each person double-checks the information they carry. 


Package Delivery in Dubai is known to be one of the best, but unforeseen events happen sometimes. That is why it is necessary to follow the points mentioned above to avoid delays in your delivery.

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