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Bridging The Gap in Education Through Distance Learning Centers

Education through distance mode is a boon for those who are not able to continue their regular stream of education owing to family pressure, financial burden, health issues, and other problems. 

The Madras University is a pioneer in rendering distance education courses for the students for years and has helped millions of students gain graduation and post-graduation degrees as they work or concentrate on other important things.

About The University of Madras


The University of Madras has been in existence for more than a century and has developed its institute of distance education in the year 1981. The motto of framing a distance education body is to help the learners achieve their educational goals no matter what the situation is.

Madras University distance education has completed more than 25 years of service in the field and currently offers 22 UG courses, 9 postgraduate science, five professional courses, 14 PG courses, twelve certificate courses, and sixteen diploma courses.

The Madras University Correspondence course is mediated through quality study materials in self-learning format so as to promote education beyond borders for the students. The materials are in a self-learning format and materials are also shared through a tele-education mode.

Madras University Admissions

Admissions for Madras university distance education courses are made throughout the year twice as the calendar year admissions and academic year admissions. Admissions are made through Authorized study centers and spot admission centers. 

The Institute of distance education for Madras university has more than 30 study centers in different parts of Tamil Nadu. It also has about 50 study centers in other states of India and has 11 overseas study centers as well. At present, the number of students on-roll of Madras University is about 1.5-2 lakhs.

The university also tries its best to bring in technology in rendering quality education. It makes use of Tele education and e-learning platforms to educate students located in different parts of the country and abroad. The university has all the status to be a virtual university with an excellent network. The application can also be downloaded from the official website https://www.ideunom.ac.in/ by making an online payment of INR 200.

Application process:
A student who wishes to enroll with the Madras University Correspondence course can collect the prospectus and the application form from the University, from its authorized study centers and spot admission centers, twinning program centers and even at the participating institutions. 

The cost of the prospectus is INR 100. It can also be got through speed post by sending a DD of INR 150 to the Director, University of Madras, Institute of Distance Education.

After filling up the form, the students should send the same along with their original certificates to the University address. SC and ST students, who are pursuing their studies from Madras University distance education stream are eligible for reimbursement of the entire tuition fee. 

They are also given an allowance of INR 500 to buy books and other essential material. There is an exemption of complete tuition fee for PWD candidates as well.

Step by Step illustration of the application process at IDE
After buying the application form for madras university distance education courses, detach the computer coding sheet, application form and the address slip from the prospectus.

The application form must be returned with all the original certificates along with the registration fee, INR 100 for UG, INR 150 for PG courses, INR 400 for MBA and INR 1000 for professional courses.

The original certificates that are to be sent along with the form for Madras University correspondence course are,
  • Transfer certificate from the head of the institution where the student's last studies
  • Statement of marks
  • Provisional pass certificate for admission to PG courses
  • If the certificates are in another language except for English, then authenticated translation of them in English attested by a Gazetted officer.
  • Equivalence certificates for students who studied abroad
  • One photograph on the reverse side of the computer coding sheet, address slip and on the application form.
After filling the application form, it has to be sent back to the study center or sport admission centers or directly to the Director, IDE, University of Madras, Chennai- 5.

Admission for Madras university correspondence courses at both the undergraduate and the postgraduate level are open for all Indian nationals and also for citizens of other countries after passing the qualifying exams in the relevant stream with minimum marks from the recognized board.

Check out the complete informations for for Madras university correspondence courses at https://www.shiksha.com/college/institute-of-distance-education-university-of-madras-chepauk-chennai-53696/courses 

Features with benefits of movers and packers business

Currently movers and packer business and industry have exactly experienced a great rise and reasons behind are myriad. Packers and movers available with their services with the app and can use this way to book packers online easily. It is rather easy to hire them since all required to do is to get a good company either using internet or just by asking friends or family members around. Moving companies simi valley is found the best services we will have.

Basically packers and movers industry have attained the impressive height along passing lots of years. According to a recent study that is revealed that majority of populace is heading out from their residential places.

Professional home packers and movers

People look for household things and movers to relocate household items. Delicate brands and products along with the app are very easy for us. Most of the companies come along assurance of quality safe shifting and door to entry shifting easily.

Relocating offices

Not an easy way for the movers business to relocate as it includes so much to perform. It could be require warehousing, brands moving, cargo execution and different to name. So a good packers and movers mobile app makes it simple for people to shift gadgets and gear.

Transportation and warehousing

On the way demand packers and movers app gives the best options for vehicles and their transportation services. Main thing is businesses can rely on different app for warehousing facilities and options. They can also expect to manage office furniture equipments and things which are collectibles.

Tips for hiring commercial movers

If an office relocation or the business shifting is planned in the near time so it is valuable to learn how to shift them. Such things are different from regular residential moving companies. These professionals do their best to make transition like smooth as possible. It is the utmost valuable to ensure that business is exactly operational before, during and after the move.

Representatives should be able to give an estimation of total cost of the services. Need to ensure that questionnaire is made up so that each representative from moving company properly interviewed. It will also help to support the best commercial movers for the necessary situation.

When moving furniture and equipment

Connection and collaboration from different way party that is necessary to get ensure deadlines are met and business can also go on like the usual way. As the business there are different things that will go into the shifting of the business and entire transition has to be smoothing as much as possible. 

Need to ensure completely that a question which is made up so that different representative from each moving company which is properly interviewed. It will support to select the best commercial movers for the necessary situations so if you need then click here.

There is office mover’s available care about their customers and reputation also, actually not lowball bids and rates so just to attract the business instead. Focus on their reputation for giving exemplary services to attach new customers nearby.

Things to Consider Before Starting a New School

It cannot be denied that one of the biggest contributing factors to India’s all-round development is the education system in India. Because of the high demand in quality and improved standards in education, the educational sector in India will continue to be a top priority for investors, as schools in India come under the Non-Profit Organizations.

Things you need to consider before starting a school

One can go about two directions for starting a private school in India, i.e. starting a private school independently or taking up a school franchise of an already popular educational brand. It can be a primary school, a high or senior secondary school or even a coaching institute.

For instance, if you want to start an independent school, you will have to go through the whole ordeal of affiliating your school with the right educational board, obtaining rights and grants from land authorities and setting up your school’s structure of fees, syllabus, hiring of faculty and staff, and most importantly it will require a good deal of time investment. Let’s look at the things you have to keep in mind before starting a new school—

Registration and Certification

Before taking the first step towards starting a new independent school, you need to set up the school society or trust. Then you will have to follow the rules and regulations for obtaining the NOC (No Objection Certificate).

Market Survey

The next step would be to conduct a market survey as this is the most ideal way to find out how feasible it is to start a school in a specific city or state.  It is also important to know the need of the people for a school in that area and the board of education people want to put their children etc.


Every school board has its own set of conditions on various aspects of land, building, layout, facilities and staff.  Choosing the ideal location for your school would help you to beat high competitions from other schools. Areas with lesser competition will be favourable for a new school to choose and to earn a good return on investment.


The most necessary step is the marketing and promotion of your school. Marketing is important for any business, especially for start-ups, and your new school will have similar requirement. You need to advertise and market your school name to get known and heard among your potential clientele. Here comes your option of buying into a school franchise, which is an already popular brand in the educational sector which will not require much marketing.

School Franchise vs. Independent School

Starting a school in India isn’t an easy task. To get through the initial registration process of your school, you will need to set up a society or trust as the primary step. School Franchises ease up this process, as in India there are many popular schools which are ready and in a lookout to lend their name as a brand to your school.

For the success of your new school, you need to properly plan your business strategy, paying special attention to the category of students your school will deal with and the type of school etc. and acquire registration accordingly. Taking up a franchise of an already popular school reduces all this effort, as the Business plan for your school will be a tested, fully-functional plan that has proven itself for the success of the parent school. Under the tag of the renowned brand name that comes with a school franchise, the registration and certification will come attached when you will buy into the franchise.

Advantages that professionals can provide for granny flat construction projects

You may think why should you think too much to search for the best builder for the project of granny flat development? Any random construction company can offer the services for the development of granny flat on your property. However, you always want perfection in the work when you want to find the best design of granny flat on your property. There are so many good reasons to search for the best professionals of the industry for the construction and development of granny flat at your home.

As a homeowner, you should definitely make detailed research online to find out the best company where you can find the services for the development of Sydney granny flats. Once you make the best decision to search for a good company, they will serve you with lots of advantages in the following ways:

Excellent design and floor plan:

First of all, you always want to go for the best design of granny flat on your residential property. Now, you do not have to query to find the best possible design of the granny flat for your property. Once you select a good construction company for the development of granny flat, you will be able to make your decision from the best available designs of granny flats. They will understand your requirements in a proper way and they will definitely give you the best one with a specific floor plan as per your requirements and budget.

Commitment to complete the project on time:

With a good construction company, you will not only find the best design and floor plan for granny flat but they will also complete your project on the given time. As a customer, you never want to face any kind of delay situation for the project of granny flat development on your property. In this situation, it will be good to contact a good construction company where they can offer the best solution with our commitment to complete the project on a given time.

Save your money without compromising on service quality:

With the best professionals of instruction industry, you do not have to compromise on the service quality when you are looking for the best ways to save your money on the overall project. Once they start working on your project, you can definitely find the best way to complete the project in the minimum budget. There is no need to worry about the cheap quality of the material when you want to save your money on the overall project.

There are many more advantages that you will find by searching for the top granny house builders for the project of granny flat development on your property. Always make sure to make a proper research in the market by using the online services so that you can find out the best service providers for the development of granny flat on your property. After that, you can relax and can find a stress-free experience during the project of granny flat construction on your property.

The reason behind water damages at residence

It is common to face plumbing issues when they stay confined to leakage, but sometimes it is the reason for water damages at residence and commercial places. You can’t make guesses about the water damage due to mother nature. If you are living around the islands, then you have to contact the company which comes soon to save your goods and home. With experts, you can get rid out from water damages, and they make cleaning of carpets, opening the sewage to remove water and do various things.

When you think about to protect home yourself, then you don’t have the technique and don’t have tools. Even you are suffering from health issues too, and it is good to call water damage experts. They work like a helping hand and make efforts to save your capital and residence from water damages. Even you are protecting your precious metals too with them and still works on keep all the things which they do.

Less-quality plumbing material

To save some money, homeowners take cheap quality plumbing material, which is not suitable for your residence. They ignore it and save a little bit of money, which they are spending at a time of water damages. You have to choose high-quality plumbing material and keep your property safe from water troubles. The cheap-quality plumbing material can pose to danger, and whole home structure is going wet. You have to call experts, and they provide services of Structural Drying to avoid roof and walls falling troubles. So, if you think to save money with the installation of cheap plumbing material, then you are wrong because you have to pay more in the future.

The mother nature

Do you want to know about the water damages at residence and commercial places? You better see mother nature attacks on homes in various ways with flood, storm, due to the river overflowing. There are several reasons interact which destroy your home, and you never get insurance of it. Because some insurance companies never claim natures damages and you have to beware at time of making insurance of home when you stay around an island and nearby dams.

What water damage experts do for their clients?

There are several companies which offer services of water damages repairing, but you have to know about the company before making payment. They provide various services and if you want to know they you can see mentioned below. The services of Water Extraction can help to save your home and eliminates all danger to protect assets and lives.

Carpet cleaning
Sewage opening
Take-off assets from that place
Removal of water

Treat the odor sufferings

At the time of water damages, it is the best idea to call the company which commits a team to their clients Flood Restoration. There is a need for quick support to prevent water damages, and experts do better from you. The team has gears and knowledge to do it step-by-step, and they solve issues technically. Even, they help you to get rid out from electric shocks during water damages.

Plumbing tips that can help to save your money

Do you want to know about some of the best ways to save your money on plumbing services? At the residential and commercial places, there is always a need of getting plumbing services for any type of installation, maintenance or repair work. In this kind of situation, you always want to get served in the best way with top Quality Services. However, you never want to pay extra for good quality services to any company. As a customer, you must be looking for the best ways to save your money when you are going to hire any plumbing professional for the job.

Now, it will be possible for every customer to save additional while going to get services of any Eastern suburbs plumber. When you need the best services, you will have to search for the best service providers in the industry. If you are searching for some good plumbing tips to save the money, you can check it out below:

Invest in top quality plumbing components:

When you are going to install any kind of plumbing component at your place, you should definitely focus on quality instead of pricing. You should never try to save your money by getting any cheap quality plumbing product or component. With good quality products, you will able to skip the need of repairs for a long time and you do not have to invest your money for the repair services. It will be like a one-time investment so you should definitely prefer the best quality products to install at your place.

Focus on proper maintenance:

Most of the homeowners don’t focus on proper on time maintenance with the help of a good plumbing professional. At your home, you should definitely understand the importance of general plumbing maintenance on time. With proper maintenance, it is possible to skip several types of plumbing problems and you will be able to save your money with it.

Repair services on time:

There may be a need of any small plumbing repair at your home. If you ignore such kind of small plumbing problems, it may get bigger with time. In this kind of situation, you will need to get services for big repairs and the plumbing companies will charge you extra for it. therefore, you should always try to solve these plumbing problems quickly with the help of a good plumber Westleigh for it.

Getting the help of the best plumbing company:

When you are looking for any type of installation, maintenance or repair service, you should always try to contact the best professionals of the industry. They may charge extra for the services but it will totally worth because of the reliable and top quality services. You do not have to face the same kind of plumbing problems repeatedly after getting their services.

All these considerations will be beneficial when you are looking for some of the best ways to save your money on the plumbing services. Always make sure to focus on these factors to find out the best plumbing solution at the best price.