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Medical Tourism in Malaysia: The Lucrative Health Road Map

Malaysia is one of the destinations that has experienced the fastest growth of health tourism in Asia and is aimed primarily at Asians traveling for health reasons.

According to the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM), the majority of Malaysian medical tourists come from Indonesia, mainly due to the quality of medical care offered in this country. The same reason attracts patients from other Asian countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Patients from richer Asian countries such as Singapore and Japan (second and third countries, respectively, from which the largest number of international patients come), visit Malaysia for the prices of medical procedures.

Australians and citizens of the European Union are attracted by the low cost of Medical Tourism in Malaysia, while patients coming from the Middle East visit Malaysia for both the price and the quality of medical care. The country also offers special services to Muslim tourists for their Halal treatment options, such as medicine not derived from pork.

One type of international tourism is skyrocketing relative to others, an article from ElaWoman reveals. Behind the generic name of medical tourism there is a huge "cat's bag". It covers not only traditional medicine but also an extensive range of treatments under the label of "health and well-being". They range from aesthetic to physical or spiritual relaxation.

The size of the market

It is no wonder that countries with the trend are in an eager dispute with each other. After all, there are 14 million patients crossing international borders every year. In each trip spend an average of $ 3,800 and $ 6,000 - between medical expenses, transportation and lodging. According to Lonely Planet, the segment expands to enviable annual rates of 10%, in a market that has already reached 500 billion dollars.

The champions of the sector

The United States leads the world championship category with annual spending estimated at 200 billion dollars, according to the Global Wellness Institute. It has also been possible for US citizens to save medical expenses by up to 90% in India, 80% in Malaysia and Thailand and 65% in Turkey.
The second place is Germany, with expenses of the order of 60 billion dollars. China also has accelerated growth, and from year to year it has doubled spending to $ 30 billion.

Who is the patient?

Potentially, there are two groups interested in this type of international travel. On the one hand, they are those who seek quality services not always available where they live. On the other, those who run behind better costs and deadlines for their medical needs.

The most frequent treatments are dental, elective (non-emergency), fertility, and cosmetic surgeries. Developed countries such as the United States, Germany, England, Japan, Canada and France tend to attract patients interested in more advanced treatments.

In more conventional medicine, the dispute takes place between countries like South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, most of them interested in snatching a little bit of the lode that until recently was exploited only by India. Dubai emerges as a medical hub and already occupies 16th place overall, and wants half a million customers a year by 2020.

The main players

A Patient beyond Borders publication has published a ranking of the top international destinations for medical tourism. They are the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Israel, India, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.

Brazil is unfortunately not among the leading countries in medical tourism. It is a pity. After all, along with treatments, international patients consume hotel, transportation, food, tours, products and services. And who else would gain from it the economy of the country.

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Know What Your Options Are When Looking For Cute Swimsuits for Women

Women love to keep up with the trends in fashion, especially when they are buying cute swimsuits. A bikini or a one-piece is a leading fashion statement. Let’s explore other options before making a buying decision.

Some people are indeed nervous while shopping and sporting swimwear. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. It is all about confidence and belief in oneself that can help you to feel beautiful in anything you try on. If you feel confident in what you’re wearing it will show through and you’ll look all the more beautiful in the suit!

Swimsuits have grown with time, and though many talented designers are working on making beautiful swimsuits, the old trends are coming back. Introduced in the form of one-piece, which was less than glamorous, one-piece bathing suits have returned to fashion with a boom. Today, women no longer want to compromise with their look and comfort. Moreover, they have become more liberal and are open to trying out anything that exudes the feminine charm with the right dose of attractiveness. 

Look at those Hollywood belles of the 1940s and ’50s including the forever glamorous Marilyn Monroe and Betty Garble. The love of everything retro in one-piece bathing suits continues.

Deep v-necklines and vertical seams at the bust line are helping to make one-pieces more admired than ever before. The coverage of a one-piece can be just as alluring as a bikini. Women look gorgeous and attractive in a one-piece.  

Today, you can find a wide variety of cute swimsuits for women that have great details and embellishments. The higher end one-pieces tend to look more ‘bling’ than bland with beading, sequins, and studs. You can also try out suits with asymmetrical detailing like big rings or buckles on only one hip or shoulder. 

If you are hunting for these suits you should try and find them online. There are ample online stores where you can shop with comfort and ease. You’ll be happy to find a whole lot of items with every possible design and every color in the rainbow available at vastly reduced prices than at local retail stores.  

Keep it simple and classic when it comes to choosing the one-piece for you. However, remember, not every one-piece looks good on every individual. Due to different body types, it could be tricky at times to find a fit that works.

For those looking to get those head-turning, runway-ready looks, a well made designer one-piece is something you should consider. With proper care, it will last through many seasons, and you will feel like a star.

High-waisted swimsuits and boyshort styles are becoming more popular each year. We love these because they're a super cute way to get more coverage, they have a unique look, and they make you feel like a total bombshell.

Black never betrays. The all-new black high-waisted swimsuits or boyshort styles are pretty much in vogue these days. With more coverage, they will give you a flattering look, making you feel sexy and comfortable.

Do you want to try something new? Belted swimsuits are becoming more and more popular each year. Whether you choose a buckle or a sash, this waist-flattering look is going to keep the focus on you all summer long.

Want to conceal your midsection yet show off a bit of your skin? Try out an off-the-shoulder with a monochromatic one-piece.

If you want to slim down your stomach a bit, all-over ruching is a perfect way to do so. Opt for a strapless black swimwear that will make you look chic and slim.

Ruffles are a great way to boost your swimwear wardrobe with a flashy appeal. There is a wide range of bikinis, all boasting young and chic. Be ready for your beach activities donning ruffled striped bikini top, and high-waist printed bottom with adjustable straps.

With all these fantastic swimsuits and tops, you can confidently take part in all the water activities. The extensive range of colors and patterns gives you a broad spectrum of choices that are an absolute must for your wardrobe.

So choose your cute swimsuits and get ready to hit the beach.

Author Bio: Robert James is a fashion enthusiast and expert blogger. Over the years, he has written several intriguing blogs on fashion and beauty. His recent write-up sums up his insight and knowledge on the same.

How to Check Credit Card Interest Rate after Due Date?

A Credit Card is a boon when you use it correctly. But it can turn into wane when you are not aware of the best practices. Even the Best Credit Cards in India can turn out to be a problem when you are not careful. You need to keep a tab on the usage.

First, let’s understand how cards work and learn about the benefits of using a Credit Card.

1. With a card in hand, you always have a backup fund for emergencies. Even urgent hospital bills or last day school fee can be paid with a Credit Card instantly.

2. You can plan investments regularly. For, additional purchases can be processed through Credit Card without hurting your investment plan.

3. If you own a business, funds never come at the right time always. In such cases, you can manage certain important bills with a Credit Card.

So far, you would have understood why a Credit Card plays a role of money buddy in your life. But the friend can quickly turn into a foe when you start skipping the payments.

What happens when you do not pay on time?

The interest for the Credit Card is calculated in a fixed rate based on the outstanding of the current month. The interest rate varies from 18 to 35%. The provider’s policy and the applicants’ eligibility decide the rate of interest. You need to pay the interest on the outstanding amount on or before the due date.

When you do not make the payment on time, the interest is calculated as a daily balance method, and the same is how the interest for fresh billing is also calculated. The same is the case when you make any cash withdrawals as well. In these cases, the interest is charged from the date of transaction until you make the payment completely for the cash withdrawal. When you cannot make the payment completely, and make only a partial payment, the charges are applicable for the entire due amount.

The formula the bank uses to calculate the daily interest is:

(Total Outstanding Amount X (interest rate charged by the bank) x 12 months) x number of days of outstanding/ 365

Have you heard about the interest-free period?

When you make any purchase just after the bill is generated, and your transaction is not billed until another 30 days. If you make payment before the next bill, you need not pay interest on the same. But missing the payment due date can lead to disaster.

The interest on the outstanding is calculated based on each day you have refrained from making the payment. You are penalized for each day’s delay. The charges are piled up massively, and for missing a few days, you will be paying for years. Another disadvantage is missing the payment is that your credit score gets affected.

Your CIBIL score goes low as 30% of your credit rating is based on your Credit Card payment discipline. When you miss the Credit Card payment, your score depreciates at a faster rate. So, if you are thinking of applying for a loan in future, you must get regular in repayment of credit card dues.

Herein it is important to understand that a personal loan is also not the right tool to repay your Credit Card bills.

1. The first and foremost rule of dealing with Credit Card is to pay before the bill due date. Do not consider any sort of delays. Whether you set an SI or make NEFT payments or pay through the mobile app, you must ensure the timely payments.

2. If you have many Credit Cards, assess the interest rates on each card when you find it difficult to pay any bill on time. Consider opting for the balance transfer option for the card with a higher rate of interest. This way, you can bring down a bit of the charge.

3. If you can, convert into EMIs. The charges can be lowered, and also there is a definite way of getting the amount closed. Also, you need to find how much time it would take to close the outstanding. If you are expecting to do the same in 2 months, converting into EMI is not advisable.

4. Do not aim to use Credit Cards as and when you like. Own cards only when you have the need for the same. An active card can always be used to meet unexpected expenses or during an emergency. For one-off usage, for example, if you need to buy a bike, opt for a loan rather than swiping your Credit Card.

5. Pay more than the minimum due. Else, you will keep paying the minimum due only.

Do not say yes to all the offers which promise you to sell the best Credit Cards. It can be a tempting offer but can worry you in the long run. Always keep a tab on what you do. Do not get Add On cards on all the Credit Cards. There are high chances of missing the payment due, and if your spouse or kids use the same, do not fail to keep a tab on it. You should also check the messages from the Credit Card companies about the purchases. This can help you keep away from the worry of fraudulent activities.

Importance of Risk management Framework for your business

Paying the attention to the increasing globalization of business and supply chains, the present day risk analysis techniques are not able to address the increasing complexity of the risk environment. To make sense of formless data, companies require a powerful risk management framework to combine and analyse data in a more efficient and effective manner.

You don’t have to take the steps yourself when you can have assistance of professionals risk management teams and software by Digitalharbor.  For now, you must take a closer look at some of the advantages of a robust risk management framework

Asset Protection

A solid and powerful risk management framework prioritizes understanding the dangers in time to take the essential steps to protect your assets and the business. In the healthcare field for example, an effective and efficient risk management framework can be helpful for the physicians and healthcare providers to recognize and reduce personal and medical practice dangers. Thanks to technology, unstructured data can be presented in a manner that permits users to swiftly and efficiently find the information they require. 

Reputation Management

As per the studies risk management has to be implemented by many different players in the organization (board members and management at all levels, suppliers), every of whom can play an active role in mitigating dangers. Adopting a good and proven risk management framework permits organizations to monitor news sources in real time and mix it with conventional and local press. Apart from it, a risk management framework can help companies in a quick manner to analyse gaps in enterprise-level controls and form a roadmap to diminish or avoid reputational risks.

Supply Chain Risk

The complications of global supply chains demand their constant monitoring in order to stay informed about the risks the level of a huge and rapidly changing marketplace. The risk management framework enhances the quality of information streams from both the external and internal sources (RSS, news, social media, reports, weather forecasts or so on) in order to optimize the data management procedure and the ability to exploit intellectual capital. Such a thing permits them to better monitor and connect different information from various sources in order to understand the possible impact of events on the delivery of materials, project timelines or even the operations.

IP Protection

All firms have an IP risk; in case you sell, offer, distribute, or cater a product or service that gives you a competitive edge, you are certainly exposed to possible Intellectual Property theft. A risk management framework can be helpful for you to protect against potential losses of competitive advantage, business opportunities and even that of legal risks.

Competitor Analysis

The online world is a powerful source of information for monitoring your competition via the effective analysis of streams of information (PR, industry blogs, news). Social media, Anticipating or reacting quickly to what your competition does can cater an edge and gives you the opportunity to develop valuable insight.

Thus, the point is you have to think about all these things and take help of digital harbour Incprofessionals to find out the best risk management solutions for your needs.

CT Scan Services in Ghatkopar

The CT scanning technology has evolved over the past decades to offer highly precise multi-dimensional images of the body to help the physician to diagnose and treat serious conditions with a high accuracy level and speed like never seen before. Computed Axial Tomography (CAT) also known as Computed Tomography (CT) scan.  Computed means that a high-end advanced software is used to analyze the X-ray images produced by the CT scan machine. This software allow radiologists or technologist to take slices, or images, generated and view it zoom in and out, straight on, rotate it front and back on a detail that’s prettyoutstanding.

Axial refers to an anatomical plane of the body, with cross-sections of the head to toe. In a CT scan, multi-dimensional images are generated through the technique called Tomography. It displays cross-section images using X-rays through a human body or a solid object. As a result, you will get multiple and detailed images of the human body in a few seconds. Sometimes, a contrast dye or material used during the scan to get certain images or structures clearly. Solutions containing contrast materials, such as barium or iodine are introduced to the body either injected directly, orally or rectally into the bloodstream, depending on the target tissue. 

The contrast materials in the solution work temporarily by altering how X-rays interact with target tissues, which makes those tissues seem different in the resultingimages.If the target is a blood vessel, a contrast material is injected into the veins. If a 3-D image of the abdomen is required, the patient may need to drink a barium meal. As the barium travels through the digestive system, it appears white during the scan. If images lower of the body are required, known as rectum, the patient may require to givea barium enema. 

After the scan, the patient asked to drink lots of fluids to remove the contrast material from their body. CT scans are usually painless and the procedure typically takes 10 to 40 minutes. The CT images are stored as electronic data files and reviewed on a screen. A radiologist will interpret these images and the detailed report will be sent to the doctor.

The CT scan images help the physician to diagnose cancer, tumors, muscular diseases, bone fractures, and other abnormalities. CT scans are essential and emergency tools that allow the doctor to determine the severity of the internal injuries, internal bleeding and many more. The speed and accuracy of the CT scans may be improvised by using the Spiral CT application, a new advanced technology. During the scanning,the beam takes a spiral path and it gathers continuous data without gaps between images.

While the cost for CT scan differs depending on the type of test you are going to take or the center or clinic you opt for, yet there are chances to get the lowest cost CT scan in Maharashtra. Search for the best price for CT scan in Nivaran CT scan Ghatkopar and Star CT scan Kalyan.