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A Beginner’s Guide to the Different Types of Glass Pipes

Smoking marijuana has become more socially acceptable, and we are also seeing increased legalization. If you wish to consume marijuana or even cbd flower, by smoking it, you need to consider the apparatus which will help you smoke. The apparatus that we would recommend are glass pipes. But what types of glass pipes are available? Which one should you choose?

This guide will explain the different types of glass pipes and help you decide which ones are best for your needs.

A glass pipe is truly the best apparatus for smoking marijuana. The glass will heat up, but there will be no emission of toxic fumes and no bad odors.

Here are the glass pipes that you should be looking at.

1. Dab Rigs

A popular type of glass pipe is glass dab rigs. These are very similar to a bong in that they have a water filtration system. They are intended for a stronger strain of marijuana or a high-potency type of cannabis.

The chamber (where the water filtration system is located) is heated, and then you are ready to consume the marijuana.

If you do purchase a dab ring, we highly recommend that you consider a quartz banger.

2. Chillum

This is a popular glass pipe that traces its origins back to India. This is a portable pipe that has a cylindrical shape.

All you have to do is place marijuana on one side of the chillum. The marijuana is ignited, and then you inhale the smoke from the other end.

A chillum is a great portable option that rivals the spoon. It offers direct inhalation, so it is perhaps best for a regular smoker.

3. Steamrollers

These are larger chillums. Steamrollers include the area for storing marijuana but also have a much larger cylinder for inhaling the smoke.

This is definitely for someone who smokes regularly or is used to a stronger dose. If you find that a chillum doesn’t do it for you, it may be time to upgrade to a steamroller.

While steamrollers are larger than regular chillums, they can easily be carried around wherever you go.

4. Spoons

These are among the most widely-used devices for smoking marijuana. They are small and can be easily carried wherever you go.

The spoon has a deep bowl on one end. In this bowl, the marijuana is stuffed and filled to the brim. The bowl is then lit and the marijuana is smoked by placing your mouth over the mouthpiece on the other end of the spoon.

If you are a regular smoker and want to be able to smoke on the go, a spoon will be the best choice for you. They are affordable, which means that you can start a collection of spoons, which can be especially helpful if you wish to share your marijuana with others.

5. Bongs

Another popular option for smoking marijuana is bongs. A bong has a water chamber that cools the smoke and eradicates the heaviest particles. Its overall benefit is to improve the taste of the smoke.

Bongs are, of course, not as portable as spoons. If you wish to create an area in your home where marijuana can be smoked, you may want to consider a bong. You may want to purchase a few bongs if you want your friends to be able to join you.

6. Bubblers

If you really want to show off, you may want to consider consuming your marijuana through bubblers. A bubbler is a small bong with a spoon pipe attached to it. The spoon pipe is where marijuana is kept and lit.

They have a small water chamber to cool the smoke and eradicate the particulates – just like a larger bong. Many consumers find that a bubbler produces a more enjoyable smoke than a bong or a spoon.

The bubbler, thanks to its small size, is very portable. If you want the best of a spoon and a bong, you may want to opt for a bubbler.

Quality of Glass

Most glass pipes are either manufactured in the United States or in China. As a result, consumers should know the difference between the quality of glass from these two places.

Most sources state that the quality of glass produced in the United States is superior. There is much criticism toward the quality of glass produced in China. It is the case that glass from China is usually thinner, more susceptible to cracking, and largely has an unoriginal design.

However, glass pipes made in China are produced en masse and are far more affordable. For a casual smoker, this may be the best option.

The quality of glass in the United States is often far superior. This means that glass pipes will not break easily. It means that you will have a pipe that lasts longer. This is the best choice for someone who smokes more often.

Types of Glass

The two most popular types of glass that are used in the production of glass pipes are scientific glass and artisanal glass.

Scientific glass gives precedence to the quality of the design. It focuses on making sure that the glass pipe is of the highest standard. If you want a glass pipe to last long, you may wish to prioritize a glass pipe made out of scientific glass.

An artisanal glass pipe focuses more on the design. If you are a casual smoker, you may find that an artisanal glass pipe works just fine. While these are more vulnerable to cracking, they will likely last longer if you do not use them often.

So when you choose your glass pipe, take into consideration the type of glass, where it is being sourced from, and its portability. You also want to consider how often you smoke, how strong of a dose you want, and, of course, the affordability of the pipe.

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