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Teeth Veneers: An Ideal Choice to Enhance Your Smile

Nowadays, people are more interested in trying modern ways to achieve their aesthetic goals. A radiant smile plays a crucial role in beautifying your physical appearance, but unfortunately, many people don’t like the way their teeth and smile look due to their dental fractures, cracks, chips, and discoloration, especially in the visible parts of their mouth. In such cases, visiting cosmetic dentists to get advanced teeth veneers should be at the top of your what-to-do list. They will accurately evaluate your condition, diagnose the type and severity of your problems, and treat them in the shortest time possible. If you are considering taking significant steps toward beautifying your smile through cosmetic veneers, keep reading this article to be well-informed.

Dental veneers consultation in Burnaby

How Does a Tooth Veneer Improve Your Smile?

Dental veneers stand as an exceptional cosmetic dentistry option to fix a wide range of issues, including chipped, fractured, or stained teeth. During this treatment, your cosmetic dental experts should provide a thorough dental exam that involves taking X-rays to have a closer look at your teeth and gums. Then, they will discuss your personal preferences and medical history to ensure you are eligible to undergo the veneer process. Then, it’s time to take an impression from your mouth and send it to a dental lab where your custom-made teeth veneers will be created. It should also be noted there’s no need to take impressions to install composite resin veneers.

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Installing Porcelain Veneers

Before the beginning of the installation process, your dentists should remove a tiny amount of your enamels to make room for veneers, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Once well-designed porcelain veneers are prepared, your dentists will accurately place them on your teeth and fix them in their position.

Recovery Time

Once the procedure is completed, you can quickly return to your routine life and enjoy your favorite food.

Caring Tips 

There’s no need to follow strict caring instructions to keep your dental veneers healthy and strong, although the following tips can significantly maximize the life span of veneers:

  • Pay attention to your oral hygiene habits

  • Avoid having too much staining consumption

  • Protect your teeth veneer against teeth-grinding

  • Regular dental check-ups are necessary

  • Avoid biting into hard and crunchy food, especially with your front teeth

Dental Veneers consultation in Burnaby

Valuable Advantages Brought by Teeth Veneers

Dental veneers present a multitude of precious advantages to improve the aesthetic appeal of individuals’ smiles. Among the notable advantages are:

  • Aesthetically transforming your smile

  • Providing natural-looking outcomes

  • Long-lasting solution to address various cosmetic concerns

  • Improving your self-esteem

  • Providing quick results

Possible Drawbacks of Veneers

Some of the possible disadvantages include:

Irreversible Procedure

The process of applying veneers involves removing a thin layer of enamel from natural teeth, making it an irreversible procedure.


Some individuals may experience heightened tooth sensitivity after getting veneers.

Financial Investment

Dental veneers can be relatively expensive, especially considering the cost per tooth. This financial investment may be a consideration for individuals with budget constraints.

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