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Unique things to do in Sacramento for first-time visitors


Our experience in the city of Sacramento was outstanding.Thus, we will share some of the memorable experiences that we had in the city. There are endless options for unique things to do in Sacramento. The list is on-going. Thus, people from all over the world love to unravel the hidden facets on each visit. Here, we will share some amazing things to do, especially for first-time visitors to the city. To reach Sacramento, we selected the Spirit Airlines Flight Booking option. We had a great time flying on the Spirit flight, so we recommend the same. 

So, learn about the best and unique activities to do at Sacramento in the upcoming segment. Thus, patiently go through the guide for the best experience.

1. Visit the Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park

  • This place will give you complete glimpses of Sacramento’s modern history.
  • It’s not just a random park but a place filled with a rich history.
  • John Sutter, a Swiss immigrant, built this park.
  • The park was established back in 1839.
  • Now, this park shares the beaming history of California and Sacramento City.
  • You can also find special events taking place at this park.
  • On the event day, this park comes alive and looks more like a museum in those days.

2. Learn about creativity at Crocker Art Museum

  • Here, you can get the essence of culture and art mixed.
  • This place is perfect for an art lover.
  • The exceptional range of Californian arts and Asian arts here will truly mesmerize you.
  • This place is known for its regular events like ArtMix, and family programs.
  • Thus, learning about this place in itself is the most fantastic thing to do in Sacramento.

3. Visit the California State Capitol Museum

  • It’s a unique place in downtown Sacramento which is serving as a museum and a government office.
  • You can learn about the rich American history from this place.
  • Explore the vast 40-acre park of the State Capitol Museum.
  • You can also avail yourself of free guided tours to visit this park.
  • Thus, get a good insight into the legislative process of California here.

4. Stroll through the Old Sacramento

  • Know about the Gold Rush era of Sacramento after visiting this place.
  • It’s a live museum located on 28 acres of land.
  • This place is filled with thrilling activities, too.
  • This place is ideal for history buffs and families.
  • You can find vintage things like horse-drawn carriages, wooden sidewalks, museums, shops, and more at this place.

Hence, explore the beautiful places of Sacramento and complete your Spirit Airlines Flight Booking to get outstanding deals and offers instantly.

5. Go to Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park

  • This place was once the home of Governor Leland Stanford.
  • You can get to know the fascinating political history of Sacramento after visiting the mansion.
  • It’s considered one of the National historic landmarks of Sacramento.
  • This mansion is still functioning and hosts many state events throughout the year.
  • Thus, visit the mansion at least once to learn about the enriching history of California.
  • The mansion is now open for visitors.
  • You can also get a guided tour of this place as well.

6. Kayaking on the American River

  • It’s one of the best ways to explore the serene beauty of Sacramento.
  • We recommend you to try this activity during early summer or spring.
  • Make sure to check the weather forecast before heading out for a Kayaking experience.
  • This activity is suitable for both a beginner and an experienced person.

7. Midtown Sacramento Arts and Food Tour

  • The food lovers should definitely try out this tour.
  • It’s a total 3.5-hour tour.
  • You can get close interactions with the local cuisines of Sacramento with this tour.
  • You are not just allowed to explore; you are also entitled to taste the regional cuisines with this tour.
  • Thus, you should definitely indulge in this food-exploring journey after visiting Sacramento.


So, visit the beautiful city of Sacramento to unveil its unique activities. The town is undoubtedly filled with plenty of attractive places and thrilling activities. Also, now you don’t need to worry about flying with your kids. Spirit Infant Policy is there to take care of your baby if you have decided to fly with your baby to Sacramento. 

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