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Immediate Implant Placement in One Day

Learn More About Dental Implants

Filling the tooth gap in an old-fashioned way will take between three and four months under ideal conditions when no additional treatment is required. The traditional method of implant implantation starts with tooth extraction; usually, the continuation of the treatment process takes place after the recovery of the gums, which is a long period. During this period, the tooth space is still empty, and the person faces problems in doing daily tasks.

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How Long Does It Take to Have an Immediate Implant?

According to a dentist offering dental implants in Woodbridge, in general, an immediate dental implant is done in two main ways. The first method, immediate dental implant implantation, is performed when the tooth is missing. This method allows the patient to have a replacement tooth immediately after losing a tooth. In addition, the immediate implant provides the jawbone with a strong foundation upon which a permanent crown can be placed in the future. After immediate dental implant surgery, the next steps include installing a temporary plastic crown on the implant. A temporary crown plays the role of a tooth and allows the patient to use a temporary and efficient tooth during the healing process. Usually, it takes about 15 to 30 days to perform an immediate dental implant.

This temporary crown is generally left in place until the implant is well fused to the jawbone and the permanent veneer of the immediate implant is made. When the implant is well fused with the bone, the dentist can install a permanent crown on the implant. This permanent crown is carefully attached to the implant. This method is performed using bone powder and membranes to fill the space between the extracted teeth. The immediate implant is quickly implanted in the jaw, and a temporary crown is installed on it.

The Difference Between a One-day Implant and an Implant in the Usual Way

In the implant, the tooth is pulled first in the usual way, and after a short period and the gums have hardened, the base is placed inside the mouth with a return visit. If the gums meet the conditions, immediately after the tooth extraction, the implant base or fixture can be placed inside the gums, and after a short period, the crown and veneer are placed. In ideal conditions, an immediate implant can be done, and the dental crown can be placed on the same day.

dental implants in Woodbridge

What Are the Conditions for a One-day Implant?

Having a series of habits, including grinding your teeth or pressing your teeth together, is one of the reasons why dental implants cannot be done. Among the other conditions that must be present for implanting to be able to do a successful dental implant are:

1. Sufficient bone density: If there is not enough bone density in the area of ​​the jaw and cheekbones, a jaw bone graft should be performed in that area before surgery.

2. Oral and dental health: If the gums have oral diseases, including active gum disease, the implant cannot be implanted.

3. Underlying diseases: Those who struggle with underlying diseases, unfortunately, cannot do one-day implants.

4. Tobacco: If tobacco and alcohol are used, implanting is useless. After some time, smoking and alcohol damage the implant, and it needs to be repaired.

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