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Benefits Of Antique Brass Door Pulls


These days, door knobs come in a vast range of materials, including brass. Consider the advantages of every material before choosing one for your door handle. The advantages of brass as a material of choice are discussed in this article, with particular attention to premium antique brass cabinet pulls, which masterfully blend form and function.

Both homeowners and designers love brass because of its classic beauty and durability. Because of its warm, rich look, brass is a lovely material for door knobs that enhances the beauty of any door. Not only are brass door knobs visually appealing, but they also have other benefits.

Brass has a long lifespan; therefore, you may strain it a lot. It also doesn't rust or corrode, which makes it an excellent option for frequently used door knobs. Thus, brass door knobs might endure a very long period with proper maintenance.

Warm and rich-looking, brass complements contemporary, minimalist, and traditional home design aesthetics beautifully. Adding brass door knobs to your home will enhance its aesthetic. They give any entryway a feeling of refinement.

Duration Of Something:

The principal benefits of brass's long usage history are its strength, resilience, and sturdiness. Door handles must be strong enough to survive regular usage because people use them often.

Innately Immune To Bacteria And Other Microorganisms

Brass's nature as a copper alloy gives it intrinsic antibacterial qualities. Door handles are a safer and healthier material choice since they are often touched, which may help reduce the spread of germs. If you're curious, unpolished brass door knobs self-sanitize in around eight hours.

Resistive To Flames:

Brass has the material property of being heat resistant. Because of this, it's a safe option in potentially dangerous situations like fires and ideal for India's scorching summers.

Increased Luster:

Because of its smoother surface, brass hardware is easier to use than other metals.

Many Applications:

Door knobs may be polished, lacquered, nickel, antique brass door pulls, or chrome plated, among other finishes, since brass is so versatile.

Both Inexpensive And Effective:

One common critique of brass is its relatively higher initial cost; however,the investment is more than rewarded because of its longevity. Unlike other metals that are easier to create but need frequent replacement, a brass door handle may last a lifetime with the proper care. It makes it relatively affordable when everything is taken into consideration.

Not Strict:

Brass's extraordinary malleability adds to its versatility as a door knob material. You may be pretty creative and daring with the door handle designs since shaping or bending brass doesn't require much labour.

Easy Upkeep:

Brass door knobs are easy to polish and clean. As a result, you may prolong the time it appears brand new by regularly maintaining your door handle.

Resilient Against Corrosion:

Unlike other metals, brass does not experience significant corrosion. Door knobs made of corrosion-free brass are suitable since rust eats away at metal hardware so severely.


Because brass hardware has existed for so long, many people believe it will eventually go out of style. But the truth is far different. Their elegant elegance does not fade. Furthermore, since brass is so versatile and combines well with a wide range of finishes, door handles made of this material will never go out of style.

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