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The Roles of a Health and Safety Advisor

As a business owner, legal responsibilities increase as your number of employees surge. The law requires that every business with more than five employees must have a health and safety consultant to help deal with related issues in the workplace.

Employee safety is quite essential in any organization. A company can either have a health and safety line or outsource the service from consultants. Employers take the employment law training course to understand their responsibilities and workers’ rights. On the same note, understanding health and safety in the workplace is equally essential.

Who Needs Health and Safety Advice?

In the UK, all organizations must have access to health and safety advice and practices. It is a government requirement for any company with more than five employees to have health and safety advice. Smaller entities are expected to seek advice from an external health and safety consultant professional to ensure everyone is safe.

Accidents in the workplace are unavoidable, and workers can’t be careful enough. Suppose a severe accident happens. The repercussions can be significant if the company doesn’t prioritize health and safety. It’s worse for a company with no unsatisfactory health and safety advice. 

Employers are responsible for ensuring that health and safety advice comes from qualified providers in the industry. An experienced health and safety advisor understand the industry and the needs of a business. They should provide a consultant profile displaying qualifications and previous experience to ensure employers know what they’re getting into.

Reasons for Outsourcing Health and Safety Advice

Established companies employ an in-house health and safety specialist. However, the law obliges small or medium-sized businesses to outsource necessary advice and support from a consultant. 

  • The main reason for outsourcing is that an in-house service may be a significant expense that a small business can bear.

  • Professional health and legal advisors provide customized advice

  • Consultants deal with multiple companies. Hence, they ensure consistency all the time.

The Roles of a Health and Safety Consultant

Health & Safety Advisors play a significant role in ensuring workplace safety. Moreover, they help employees understand their rights in case of accidents and the risks related to a job. They have a background in safety management, meaning they know intricate safety needs. Besides, health and safety consultants must also communicate the safety information in an easy-to-understand manner to employees.

Promote Safety in the Workplace

Health and Safety Advisors have a responsibility to help keep a company safe and everyone working there. They should have programs that help prevent injuries and conduct random inspections of equipment or structures. 

Other safety measures include investigating accidents or incidents, offering training on health & safety risks, and addressing unsafe work behaviors. It’s also vital to ensure the workplace is compliant with relevant local safety regulations and procedures.

Create Health and Safety Policies Within the Organisation

Having health and safety policies will guide how to deal with safety issues. The health and safety advisors are primarily responsible for providing applicable safety policies to employees. Regular reviewing of safety policies in place ensures they’re comprehensive enough to cover all hazard concerns in the workplace.

Investigate Accidents, Incidents and Provide Training for Employees

A Health and Safety Advisor must investigate accidents or injuries within an organisation. They review risk reports to ascertain possible dangers and address them. Recommend necessary changes where possible on structures and equipment to eliminate hazards. Part of the health and safety consultant in an organisation is training employees to know and avoid risky behaviors to keep them safe while on the job.

The Bottom Line

Health and Safety Advisors are essential in any organization to help maintain employee health and safety. An organization with a reliable health and safety advisor will likely have fewer workplace accidents and inconveniences. 

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