Non-return of advance money, late payment of rent, etc., are among the issues that bring the landlord and tenant to court. In some cases, the tenant does not pay the rent on time or damages the rented property. Also, he does not vacate the property after the lease expires. As an expert at landlord and tenant disputes in Toronto describes, in such cases, the landlord has the right to file a complaint against the tenant for the reasons mentioned above and receive the damages based on the judge's ruling. If you are one of those who want to know more about the rules of landlord and tenant, keep reading this article. 

landlord and tenant disputes in Toronto

Can A Tenant Sue the Landlord? 

 Sometimes the owner harasses the tenant and does not pay his dues. In such cases, which include non-payment of deposit (advance money) or non-payment of expenses that the tenant has made for the property, etc., the tenant can complain to the owner.

How to Complain against the Landlord

If the owner does not pay the advance money you paid before renting the home or building, you should refer to the dispute resolution councils or Small Calim Courts. You can easily complain to the owner and receive the advance money according to the judge's order.

Procedures to Complain against the Landlord

To complain against the landlord, you can go through the following steps to get the result:

Preparation of statements in judicial service offices

Petition to provide reasons (providing reasons means protecting existing reasons for the possibility of using them in the future.)

Setting up a lawsuit to return the money in advance, including damages

Penalty for not returning the money

The mortgage amount given by the tenant to the landlord must be fully returned to the tenant after the contract is completed.

However, if it is stipulated in the contract that it can be redeemed, the landlord can deduct the amounts of subscription debts or arrears of rent from the mortgage amount. He should pay the rest to the tenant.

If the landlord has promised to fix some problems in the building but refuses, you can easily go to a paralegal to help you sue your landlord.