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The Beauty Of The Women: Their Eyes

It is believed that the first thing one notices in the women’s physical features are their eyes, and the women have been blessed with the ability to express themselves with their eyes. Oftentimes, in today's modern era, the person uses their eyes to express themselves be it via squinting their eyes, rolling them, or staring, women are known for their decorative eyes, by using bold liner, eyeshadow, mascara, etc. 

Earlier in ancient times these expressive eyes were part of the artist's attire, but with due time, they have been adopted by the common ladies of society with subtleness and simplicity. By expressive eyes, one means expressing emotions generally referred to as talking with eyes, this ability is generally absent in males. In present times too, women’s eyes speak more loudly than their whole attire.

What Constitutes The Eye

Oftentimes we hear people asking their beauticians to do expressive eyes, now what do expressive eyes mean? Expressive eyes mean the eye look that dominates their whole attire, in expressive eyes, the eye makeup, lashes eyebrows, the lower eyes area, the upper nose, and the lower forehead, all come under the eyes in the makeup language. Yes, the lash also comes in the eye makeup, usually ignored by people but not addressing lashes in eye makeup is like food without salt. But one cannot say the presence of ashes is not noticed, you might have heard of the world-famous Russian Lashes when talking about lashes Russian lashes are often remembered as dark thick lashes that instantly enhance the look of the eyes.


The Different Eye Looks

It is not a mandate to make the eyes bold every time, sometimes soft eyes do the magic, and when the smokey eyes enhance the look of the attire, on the second hand the subtle nude eyelets the room vacant for your attire to speak while supporting it. Eyes makeup is what everyone knows and every client asks for, but many don’t know about the lash styles, not every lash suits every face type, and yes there is a difference in lashes which is quite visible in Russian lashes, and they are famous for their various designs, Some lashes might be longer on the edge to give a slant look so that eyes appear a bit longer at the eyes, some might be with the alternative of light and thick hairs so that siren eyes look can be provided to the eye.


In this article, we generally discussed lashes as this is the one element people often forget while addressing their dream eye look which further leads them to dissatisfaction with their whole attire for the event. Some people go for the permanent lash treatment which is quite expensive but sets your lash according to your face type, and you are free from the regular application of fake lashes as they are termed. But according to some professionals, every attire requires a different lash set according to the theme of the attire, the rest is up to you what you want to pursue.



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