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Why Induce Vitamin C in a Face Wash?

Our Skin – The Epidermal Lining

Our skin possesses an outer peripheral protective layer known as epidermis which acts as a water-resistant barrier and defines our skin tone. Underneath the skin are placed fibrous connective tissues, sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

Skin Flora or Microbiota

Our skin is a home to millions of microorganisms which maintain the pH level of our skin. The skin pH varies from one person to another. Our body decides the optimum level of pH level required for our protection and utmost immunity. Our skin harbors skin-friendly bacteria that constantly fight off microorganisms that come in contact with our skin.


The Natural Skin Growth Cycle

  • The entire concept behind effective skincare is to provide the required nourishment to the epidermal layer. When our skin gets the required hydration, the regeneration process triggers automatically. 
  • We have to give our skin ample time for self-moisturization, self -shredding or exfoliation, self-protection or self-healing. 
  • A slight disturbance in the skin’s natural growth process gives rise to problems as skin infections, hyper-pigmentation, acne, blemishing, dark circles, flaking, rashes or hives.
  • Products which alter the existing pH of the skin act as a barrier in the natural working process of the skin. The water quality (hard or soft), skin cleaners, soaps, emulsifiers, skin lotions, creams, exfoliants, enzyme activity and retinols can alter the ph of the skin.

On the other hand, using oils will definitely balance your skin ph. Thus, you should reset your skin care routine and include products which contain essential organic oils and vitamins for optimization of the skin’s ph. 

Précis: A survey conducted on the common Indian masses clearly indicated that amidst the wide range of products found in colorful bottles such as cleansers, toners, serums, face washes, mists and creams, the ingredient which maintained its consistency was Vitamin C.

Why Induce Vitamin C in a Face Wash?

  • According to experts, vitamin C is just legendary, in fact, it is a real treasure for all skin issues related to our skin. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties found in vitamin C automatically enhance the skin texture and keep it deeply hydrated and help in the reducing the visible signs of ageing.
  • Taking vitamin C in the daily diet is recommended. But according to the recent researches, vitamin C can be applied topically on the skin. It leads to brightening of the skin texture, and prevents damage caused by the UV light of the sun and other environmental stressors as pollution and humidity.
  • Vitamin C for daily skincare: Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is one of the water-soluble vitamins and has a vital role in maintaining the skin health. The multiple skin benefits of vitamin c have been listed below:

·         Helps in the formation of the structural collagen tissue of the skin.

·         Accelerates the wound healing process.

·         Helps in the repair and maintenance of the damaged skin tissues and cartilage.

·         Also diminishes the appearance of visible fine lines, dark spots, blemishes and wrinkles.

·         Gradually leads to an improvement in the complexion and reduces the skin inflammation and redness.

·         Also prevents premature ageing.


Orgatre Vitamin C Face Wash - The Unique Product Composition 

Key ingredients: The Orgatre Vitamin C Face Wash has been designed keeping in mind a unique production composition. The main elements of the product includeKakadu Plum, Lemon peel Extract, mulberry leaves, niacinamide. An explicit combination of essential vitamins as viz. Vit E, Vit C, Vit F, Vit B3 and Vit B5, organic essential oils namely Rosehip oil, Lemon oil, Bergamot oil, sea buckthorn oil and Blueberry seed oil have been infused in the foaming face wash.


Suits Variable Skin Types

The Organic Vitamin C face wash is perfectly suitable for all kinds of skin textures and can be used by a larger audience by people of all age groups. The inbuilt silicone brush helps in exfoliating the dead skin cells for better skin illumination. The cleansing action of the face wash has been appreciated by customers. No doubt, the product is worth the price.

Application Method

The usage method is simple. You just have to apply the Vitamin C foaming face wash on a wet face using the silicone brush. The region around the eyes should be strictly avoided. Using the given brush, one should gently massage the facial skin for 3-4 minutes and rinse thoroughly. The face wash should be used at least twice a day for better results. You can follow up with the Orgatre 30 % Vitamin C Face serum for better skin care. Orgatre repairs and cares for you.

Daily skincare should be your priority!

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. Renowned dermatologists as well as beauty experts are of the opinion that skincare should be a vital part of a person’s daily regime. Skincare can be a dealt like a fun activity as it enhances your personality and makes you stand apart from the crowd. You become a better person indeed, if you take care of your skin and health along with. A balanced diet definitely plays its part in contributing to a healthy skin and a healthy body.

In the words of Cleo Wade, "If you eat well, sleep well, and laugh often, your skincare routine will demand very little from you." -Cleo Wade

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