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6 Different Ways To Hang Christmas Lantern Decor In Your Home

It’s officially the holiday season, and a great way to embrace the cheer of Christmas is through festive decorations. One of the most beloved ways to decorate for the holidays is with Christmas lanterns. Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for any decorative need. If you’re looking for ways to hang Christmas lantern decor around your house, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll explore six ways to hang Christmas lanterns decor in your home this holiday season!

What is Christmas Lantern Decor? 

Christmas lantern decor is precisely what it sounds like decorations that come in lanterns. Most commonly, they are used with Christmas lights or tinsel, poinsettias, and other holiday decorations. Christmas lanterns are available at most home decor stores or can be ordered wholesale from suppliers. 

Where Should I Put Christmas Lantern Decor? 

Christmas lantern decor can be hung in nearly any room of your home. While a living room or dining room may be an obvious choice for hanging lanterns, don't forget about bathrooms and bedrooms. These rooms offer a unique opportunity for decorating with festive lights in unexpected places. Additionally, you may consider putting a few strands of lanterns around an outdoor area, such as a porch or patio. Whatever you decide, hanging Christmas lanterns will surely add some sparkle to your home this season! 

6 Different Ways To Hang Christmas Lantern Decor In Your Home

Here are 6 different ways to hang Christmas lantern decor in your home:

  • Around Windows: A great way to hang Christmas lanterns is around windows, and doing so will create a lovely atmosphere that celebrates the festive season while providing much-needed light! When hanging around windows, measure the space before purchasing your lanterns, so you know exactly how many string lights you need before making any purchases. 

  • On Mantelpieces: Hanging Christmas lanterns ornaments on mantelpieces can give an extra special touch to your holiday décor. You can wrap an LED string of lights around the mantelpiece or hang small metallic ornaments. The possibilities are endless! 

  • From Banisters: If you have a staircase in your home, hanging festive lights from the banisters is an excellent way to incorporate holiday cheer into your space. You could hang large spherical ornaments from each banister post or wrap a colorful garland of lights around each post, whatever works best with your existing décor! 

  • Above Doorways: An easy way to dress up entryways this holiday season is by hanging large garlands of colorful lights over the doorways in your home. They serve as a bright and cheerful welcome when guests arrive and look delightful when lit up at night! 

  • From Trees: No holiday décor collection would be complete without a few strands of festive lights on the outside trees! Whether you want to go traditional with white or multi-colored or try something new and funky with giant snowflakes or peppermint candy canes, the options are endless! This is also an excellent way to use solar-powered strings if you want to save energy this season!  

  • Stringing Through Furniture & Appliances: If you want to get creative with your Christmas decorations this year, why not try stringing lights through furniture and appliances? You could loop them through chairs and couches, drape them over banisters, or even place them on shelves as little twinkling accents throughout the home! This will create a truly magical winter wonderland in no time! 

Where Can I Buy Christmas Lantern Decor? 

If you’re looking for Christmas lantern decor to spruce up your home this season, it’s easy to find some excellent options online, from wholesale suppliers or at home décor stores near you. However, if you’re planning on stocking up on lots of lights and decorations, you might consider buying them from wholesale suppliers specializing in festive decorations. This way, you can find great deals on high-quality products without having to search all over town for good prices! 


 No matter what type of Christmas lantern decor you choose this year, plenty of options are available, so you can get creative with your holiday decorations in no time! With these six ideas for hanging your decorations from windows, mantelpieces, banisters, doorways, trees, and even furniture and appliances, you’ll be sure to bring out the joy and cheer of the holiday season in no time at all!

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