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Which Type Of Money Plant Is Best For Giving Someone?


You may have seen people growing money plants in their homes. Money plants have many benefits as it purifies the air, improves the energy around their surroundings, and brings blessing, good fortune, and luck to the home.

Money plants usually grow on trees and buildings as they are creepers. However, different money plants are also available that you can grow in small pots or mini jars. When you shop for a money plant, you may need clarification about which to pick. If you are wondering what type of money plant will be best as a present, you can check these money plants mentioned below.

        Split leaf money plant

This money plant is also famous as Monstera Deliciosa. This plant has large leaves and grows faster than other houseplants.

The leaves are relatively large and have a lobate shape. You can order this money plant online at an affordable price. You need to repot this plant to a large pot if this plant's roots start to emerge from the planter.

        Marble Prince money plant

The leaves of this money plant have green hues. This plant also doesn't require much sunlight. You can place this money plant pot inside your home and in a semi-shaded area. The marble prince money plant attracts good energy and fortune to the owner.

        Swiss cheese money plant

This money plant has large leaves with a cut in them. It is a climber, meaning you can get this plant for indoor and outdoor use. The perforated patterns on their leaves make the plants look extremely attractive. You can get this money plant online that brings success and luck to the gardener.

        Big leaf money plant

As its name suggests, the leaves of this money plant are large. Its trucks are thick and take more area to grow. Most people use this plant to hide unclean spots in their gardens. You can also give this money plant to someone without experience in gardening, as it requires little care and maintenance.

        Jade Money Plant

It is an indoor money plant that is common in tropical climates. You can buy jade money plant online and grow it inside or outside the home. This money plant has dark green leaves and oval foliage, which can add a more classic touch to your decor.

        Neon Money plant                

This plant gives a radiant look as it has a distinct hue from other money plants. You can grow this plant both indoors and outdoors. The leaves of this plant appear yellow to neon in shadow. The foliage on this plant is unique and radically distinct.

        Silver money plant

This plant is known as Satin Pothos, as its leaves are lovely and lustful. The silver linings on the velvety leaves of the plant gave it this name. The leaves of this plant can burn if exposed to direct sunlight. You should keep this plant in indirect sunlight.

        Marble Queen money plant

This plant has attractive white and creamy hues on its leaves. This plant prefers strong sunshine, so keep it in direct sunlight for 4 to 6 hours daily. This money plant is also known as Devil's ivy. You can get this plant for your friend who likes gardening.

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