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What Is The Role Of The Accountant In A Business?

Accountancy is something that people opt for these days. It does not require complicated degrees, nor do you have to spend many hours studying as it is a regular uncomplicated degree. Demand for accountants has increased as they not only keep account of our finances but also perform various roles like account analysis, reviewing financial statements, conducting an annual audit, or preparing tax returns. They also help us in cutting costs at required places.


Accountants are always in high demand. Everyone needs an audit in a growing economy to check on their taxes. As the global economy gets back on track, there will always be an increased demand for accountants to prepare financial records. Accountants are not only in demand for keeping track of finances but also act as strategic business partners. That is why there is constant competition among businesses to hire a good accountant, as this can determine a company's future.

How Much Does An Accountant Earn?

Accountants in Peterborough performing basic accounting services charges around 23 euros to 33 euros per hour. Other accounting services like business planning or tax planning advice can go from 123 euros to 153 euros per hour.

According to the BLS, the average salary for an accountant is 72,880 euros. But that, too, differs at the different levels of accountants, who have different salaries, like the one that works for pipeline transportation of crude oil has the highest salary as an accountant. And it is said that the best place for accountants worldwide is the UK. The salary of an accountant is also determined by the amount of experience they have gained over time. Being an accountant comes with benefits, as there is plenty of room for advancement and not many challenges in this profession.

 how To Become An Accountant

To become an accountant, one has to have a bachelor's degree in accounting. If they want to complete their studies in a short period, they can opt for the association of accounting technicians course, a diploma course. Further, if you want, you can choose to be certified among various options available, some of which are certified management accountants, certified public accountants, and certified internal auditors.

As you saw, accountants earn well. Don't choose that path just for the money, as many professions can make you a lot of money if you are good at them. But if you find accounting interesting, there's nothing to stop you from doing it, as it is and will always be an in-demand career option.

Being certified or getting a degree only doesn't make one a capable accountant, they are certain skills that an accountant should indulge in himself during the internship period or during his career that a company desires, like effective decision-making and strategic thinking. As the field of accountants is technology-driven, they must be up to date on technological matters.


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