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A Complete Style Guide For Men- Make The Best First Impression

There are a few things that no matter how much you get, it's never enough, be it food, friends and clothes. For decades we've heard about how men live out of only two pairs of clothes, but thanks to the internet, men are adopting more efforts towards grooming. With changing trends, fashionable influencers, and outfit inspos, menswear is becoming as discussed as womenswear. 

Putting on a casual t-shirt with skinny black jeans would do for a typical day, but what about special occasions where you need to highlight your strengths and use your charm? Some basics, when styled smartly, can make you look slick and party-ready. So, by stuffing your closet with just a few clothes, you can put a casual look as well as a fancy outfit together.

Casual shirts

A well-fitted, buttoned-up shirt has the power to elevate any outfit. From being the best option for a date night to making a charming entry, no matter the occasion or venue, casual shirts are super amiable. Turn heads with a white T-shirt, neutral chinos, white sneakers and dark glare or maybe a printed T-shirt with the top button open and blow-dried hair, brownies points for wearing shorts from the same colour family. Printed shirts that look vibrant and still give a classy vibe are hard to find surf the web to buy mens shirts online that fit your criteria.  

A cosy sweater

Since sweater weather is around the corner, you can wear this number casually or for an outing. There are many reasons to love sweaters, they look good on any body type, keep you warm and are effortless to style. If you've already explored all the ways of styling your sweater, try wearing it differently. Dark and icy colours look great in winter. If you have a cardigan in the shade charcoal grey, black, burgundy, navy or indigo, you are already winning. Pair it with wool trousers, and you are ready to go. Turtle neck sweaters are also paving their way up to the top, and worn with jeans make a comfy and stylish option. Flaunt a British guy look using a crisp shirt topped with a patterned sweater and straight-leg pants in a neutral tone. Similar to mens shirts online, you can find good quality sweaters online. 

Simple hoodie

Some days are productive, while on a few days, you feel like doing nothing and staying in bed. For these lazy days, a hoodie is the best choice. Slide a black hoodie over your head, put on some jeans and white sneakers, and no one will be able to tell you are offbeat. For a more fashionable look, add a denim jacket to your hoodie. You can also opt for printed hoodies which are very much in vogue and are the new form to portray personalities. 

Cargo pants 

Remember those cargo pants lying in a corner of your wardrobe. It's time to use them. Are you ready to give another shot to cargo? style the lighter shade with a basic tee and denim jacket, while the dark-hued gives the perfect bad boy look with combat boots 

Well, these are our two cents on how you can upgrade your style without much effort.

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