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Advantages of Analog Watches over Smart Watches


Not very long ago, people treated the traditional wristwatch as the ultimate style icon, and used it to make a statement, which could vary from casual to elegant, minimalist, trendy and so on. The smartphones arrived next, and since these could tell the time, the general impression was that the wristwatch would soon become obsolete and forgotten. Contrary to this perception, the segment took a technological leap, with the result that now there are latest smartwatches online that are worn on the wrist but perform all the functions of a computer.

In such a situation, it is but natural to wonder how the best analog watches compare to the smartwatches in terms of design and functionality. From this point, the next natural question that follows is whether it is advisable to avail of the Bajaj Finance smartwatch scheme, or to opt for the top-of-the-range analog watch.

To help you decide, following is an overview of both varieties in terms of features, pros and cons –

Analog watches

The most discerning feature of an analog watch is its dial, which features three hands to indicate the hours, minutes and seconds. Although this watch type has been around since the 17th century, it rose to fame after the First World War as a battery powered timepiece. Next, the quartz version arrived on the global scene, and has been around ever since.

Pros of analog watches are –

      They emanate style and class which complements the wearer regardless of the gender;

      There is an analog watch for every occasion and every kind of outfit, with plenty of variation in terms of design, colours and presentation;

      Most of the best analog watches are water resistant, wherein there is good chance that they would survive despite being dipped in water;

      A well-made analog watch is durable, and hence can last for many years, wherein it would continue to tell the time without requiring much maintenance;

The only drawback of this traditional variant is that it does not serve any other purpose apart from telling the time and gracing your wrist.


Digital is the norm with the smartwatch, wherein the watch can perform multiple functions in addition to displaying the time. The main hallmark of this variant is the state-of-the-art technology that exponentially enhances the functionality of the device. As a result, these gadgets come with a long list of features and operate as several devices rolled into one.

Advantages that you stand to accrue with a smartwatch include –

      It is akin to a mini smartphone, wherein you can utilize it for listening to music, receiving messages and replying to them, checking notifications, and keeping track of your emails;

      All the information is displayed on the digital screen, and hence is available at a glance;

      Most smartwatches are lightweight and easy to wear over prolonged durations;

      Their most discerning feature is to monitor your health, from heartbeats and exercise to blood sugar, blood pressure and so on;

Hi-tech that this device is, there is hardly any variation in this segment in terms of style and colour, thus implying that it may appear out of place with certain outfits and on specific occasions.

Final thoughts

Given the pros and cons of each, it is but obvious that an analog watch scores way higher than a smartwatch in terms of style, elegance, design and variety. In comparison, a smartwatch may have high functionality, but it may not hold as much significance if you own a smartphone with the same features. Therefore, if you value aesthetics over features, then the analog watches would work well for you, whereas for someone who is always on the go and prefers connectivity, the smartwatch is an ideal option.

Check the wide range of best analog watches on the Bajaj Mall till you find a perfect timepiece. Alternatively, settle for a smartwatch and pay through the Bajaj Finance Smartwatch scheme to enjoy the connectivity and features without feeling the financial pinch. 

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