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Klondike Solitaire Strategy Tips In 2022

All card game lovers love to play Solitaire and its variations. Some of its variations are Spider, Freecell, Klondike, and much more. All these variants have some changes in the gameplay. But all of them are easily winnable as the winning rate of Solitaire is 80%. 

But here, we will only discuss Klondike. It is very similar to the classic Solitaire. Some card lovers also refer to classic Solitaire as Klondike Solitaire. They both use the same format and the rules are also similar.

In this article, we will review the best strategy tips that you can use to enhance the winning probability of Klondike. So let’s begin.

Best Strategy Tips to Win Klondike Solitaire in 2022 

Here are some of the best tips that can help you to enhance the winning probability of Klondike Solitaire. So have a look at them.

Learn the Basics

Before starting the game, it is important to learn its basics. You can learn the playing instructions from the guide that is available inside the app as different variations have different tips and rules.

Make the Foundation First

Foundation is made from the lowest to the highest order. The lowest card of the deck is Ace and the highest card is King. To build the Foundation, it is important to keep an eye on the Aces. You can add the Ace card into the Foundation from Tableau and Extra pile. When you see an Ace card on the table, immediately move it to Foundation space without having double thoughts.

Start with Largest Pile

There are 7 piles in the Tableau area. You should start with the pile that has the most cards to easily make the sequences. In this way, you can also reveal the hidden cards quickly. You can also make blank spaces as well in Tableau.

Make the Sequence Cleverly

The sequences are made from Highest to Lowest order. So start filling up the blank spaces with a King card. Also, select the King color cleverly according to the cards in the Extra pile. 

Remember that King is the first card of the pile and you can not place other cards in this sequence if the color is wrong. Klondike uses 52 cards divided into 2 colors and 4 suits. The sequences are made in alternate color order.

It means if the color of the Higher rank card is black then the color of the next lower rank card must be red and vice versa.  

Do not Randomly Move the Cards

Quick movement in card games can lead to losing. So do not make the immediate move in the Klondike solitaire. Take time and think twice before moving any card if you are a beginner. If you do not follow this tip then you will mess up the cards and lose the game.

Depending on the version of the game, you can use the Undo option infinite times. But when you get stuck in the game, you can not win it even by using the Undo option many times. In such a situation, restart the game.

You can also play a Poker card to win the game. But this option only works when you are an expert in playing Klondike Solitaire.

Have Patience

The card combinations in Klondike Solitaire are completely random. Users can not win all the combinations as the winning rate of Klondike is 80%. However, even with the 80% winning rate, not all users can beat the normal levels.

So have some patience and play with a full strategy. Take your time and wisely make each move. Even if you lose the game, restart it and begin to play again. You can beat the combination and win the game.    

Wrapping It All Up!!!

If you are an expert in Solitaire then you must give Klondike a try. It is an interesting card game and the rules are easy to follow. You can play it on online casinos or mobile apps during your free time.

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