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Biblical Women Who Were Great Managers of Their Finances


Biblical women are some of the greatest examples of financial management. Throughout the Bible, we see women who are wise with their money and faithful with their resources. Keep reading to see how these biblical women were great managers of their finances!

Rebekah: Woman of Substance

Rebekah was one of the Biblical women who were great managers of their finances. She was a woman of substance, and she managed her household well. In fact, she was able to provide for her family, even during difficult times. She was also able to give generously to others. On top of that, she was a good steward of her resources, and she taught her children how to manage money wisely. She also used her wealth to help her family and others. This woman also showed wisdom in how she used her money, and this helped her achieve success.

The Wise Woman of Abel

The Wise Woman of Abel was able to provide for her family and maintain her household despite difficult circumstances. She was resourceful and ingenious in her use of what little she had, and she was able to stretch her resources far enough to provide for everyone in her household. She also managed her money wisely, spending only what was necessary and saving the rest for future needs.

Tamar: A Woman Who Turned Tragedy Into Triumph

Tamar was one of the women from the Bible who turned her tragedy into triumph by using her skills as a businesswoman to provide for herself and her family. She conceived twins with her half-brother. To protect them from being killed by her father-in-law, she claimed they were born out of wedlock and he had to recognize them as his own grandchildren. Tamar was a strong and determined woman who used her intelligence and business skills to provide for herself and her family in spite of the terrible things that happened to her.

Deborah: A Judge and A Prophetess

The biblical woman Deborah was a great manager of her finances. She was a prophetess and a judge in Israel. She is mentioned in the book of Judges, where she led the Israelites to victory over their enemies. Deborah was also very successful in her business ventures. She managed to acquire much wealth and property during her lifetime.

Lydia From Philippi

Many women from the Bible were great with money. Another woman mentioned was Lydia, who was able to start her own business and become prosperous. She was also generous with her money, which helped her build relationships with others. She was a successful businesswoman in Philippi and was the first person to believe in the gospel message when Paul and Silas preached in her city. Her faith led her to be baptized, and she then invited Paul and Silas to stay at her home. Lydia not only provided for their lodging and food, but she also gave them financial support. She knew the best practices for financial management to ensure she could provide for others.

Jezebel and Her Weapons

Another Biblical woman who was a great manager of her finances was Jezebel. She was an incredibly shrewd businesswoman who made a fortune through trade. Jezebel even managed to amass a large arsenal of weapons.

The Bible is packed with examples of great women who were able to manage their money well. Some of the women highlighted in this article are just a few examples of the twelve women of the Bible who were successful in this area. Overall, Biblical women who were great managers of their finances provide an excellent example for women today of how to be wise with money. They were diligent in their financial planning and were able to provide for themselves and their families through hard work and good decision-making.

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