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What You Essentially Need To Know About Fire Resistant Doors?


More often we come across various properties or buildings wherein fire resistance doors are installed. Have you ever wondered how such doors work? Or what is it that allows the fire resistance doors to contain and stop the spreading of fire at the given place? Well, there is certainly something special about such doors that can offer protection against fire breakouts. Let us now have a look at some of the most important things that you need to know about fire resistance doors.

Offer Protection Against Fire Breakout

The simplest and most obvious fact about fire rated doors is that such doors offer protection against fire breakout and hence these are named so. The main purpose of such doors is to make sure that the place where these are installed stays protected in case a fire breakout takes place. Not only fire such doors also help in containing the spread of smoke caused due to fire.

Use Of Strips To Contain Spread Of Fire

It is worthwhile to note that the fire resistance doors are fitted with specialized strips on the sides and edges. These strips are installed on every edge as well as the frame of the fire door. These strips get expanded when fire breaks out and the emission of smoke starts taking place. With the expansion of these strips, the gap between the fire door and the frame is filled. Hence the room or given area gets sealed so that spread of fire may be contained. 

Protect Other Areas Of The Building Or Property

By making sure that fire breakout is stopped from spreading to other areas, rooms or zones of the given building or property, the fire resistance doors protect the remaining part of the same. It means other areas that are without fire doors may still stay protected as concerned personnel are alarmed and alerted to take the requisite action.

Fitted With Automatic Door Closers

It is worth noting that fire resistance doors are fitted with automatic door closers. The closers present on such doors make sure that these are closed automatically every time someone opens the same.

Legal Requirements At Large Numbers Of Places

An important point to know about fire rated doors is that there are some legal requirements in many places across the globe. It is particularly true for commercial properties or buildings wherein large numbers of people are expected every day. Such doors are especially needed in highly sensitive areas.

Before getting fire resistance doors installed at your place, it is important to be well aware of all these important points or things. It lets you get the best-suited doors installed at your place so that protection against fire breakout may be assured.

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