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Explore the Top Attractive Places in Grand Cayman


The city offers tons of spell-binding that for sure will make you go mesmerized! Catch all the top attractive places where you can go from this blog!


1. Stingray City


One of the top attractions is the world-famous Stingray City which is an absolute “must-do” for any visitor to Cayman. The city is often described as the experience of a lifetime. Adore approximately 75 Southern Stingrays residing here in the city that you can touch and swim with. Feel them, touch them, wild, gentle, and graceful creatures that roam free in the North Sound. The city is spread over a 35-square-mile area of ocean protected by the reef.


2. Cayman Turtle Centre


Cayman houses the largest land-based attraction, Cayman Turtle Centre. This Island Wildlife Encounter is home to more than 500,000 visitors each year. You can sightsee turtles' new hatchlings right up to turtles that weigh more than 500lb. Above all, you can head to the touch tanks and wading pool for a more personal experience. 


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3. Pedro St. James


This location was built in 1780 by a wealthy Englishman named William Eden. This site was built at a time when Grand Cayman was little more than a fishing village. know the history of Pedro’s Castle which is by far one of the more impressive stories to be told in the Cayman Islands. The Castle in the city is also called “The Birthplace of Democracy in the Cayman Islands”. 


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4. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park


This park was opened by Queen Elizabeth II herself in 1994, in partnership with the National Trust. This park is Cayman’s only botanical garden spread in the 65-acre park. The park is dedicated to preserving local flora, fauna, and wildlife. Being home to the Blue Iguana Recovery program, this park is the only place in Grand Cayman where you will find these magnificent endangered creatures. 


5. Cayman Islands National Museum


The Cayman is home to Island’s oldest surviving public structure. Visit the Museum that was built with a mission to celebrate the unique natural and cultural history of the Cayman Islands. 

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6. Kittiwake


The location in the city is sitting at a depth of 62ft in clear Caribbean waters. Visit the Kittiwake that is a former submarine rescue vessel that served in the US Navy. In 2011. The submarine was scuttled off Seven Mile Beach to create a spectacular wreck dive. This place now attracts around 20,000 divers and snorkellers a year. Adore the marine life, including schools of tropical fish, with tons of sea turtles, eagle rays, the resident barracuda, groupers, and more! 


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