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Why Does Swimmers Prefer Sit On Top Kayaks?

Kayaks are long and narrow boats made for swimmers, rafting, fishing, and enjoying water sports. Their unique shape and design make them perfect for all such activities since they are lighter than traditional boats. 

Further, they offer more ease and comfort to the riders and swimmers. At present, there are two kinds of kayaks available in the market that sit on the top and sit inside kayaks. While earlier sit inside kayaks were often used, people, especially swimmers, favour sitting on the top kayaks more. 


In this article, we will discuss some major reasons swimmers and the rest prefer sitting on the top kayaks over sitting inside kayaks.

Sit On Top Versus Sit Inside Kayaks
Sit on top kayaks and sit inside kayaks are part of the same group and share a lot of similarities in terms of their body, design, and usage. You can get them in either inflatable form or hard-shell body. They both are available in single and double seating options. In terms of their body part, the top portion of both kayaks is deck while the lower part is the hull. The front is called bow and the back is stern. Both kayaks have seats as well as support for placing your foot.

The major differences in kayaks arise from the position of their seating. While sit inside kayaks have enclosed seating in the form or a cockpit positioned inside it, the sit on the top kayak does not have an enclosed area to sit. This means you can sit comfortably on the top of the body without getting confined in the cockpit.
The major debate between both kayaks is about the kind of comfort and suitability they provide.

Why Sit On The Top Kayaks Are Becoming Popular?
Sit on top kayaks are known for being more comfortable and stable in comparison to other kayaks. They are worth investing in for recreational activities as well as sporting.
While sitting inside kayaks may hinder your exit and entry, especially while you swim and use kayaks simultaneously, the former provides ample opportunity for the swimmers to easily climb into the water and back without any cockpit area.

Sit on the top offer a sealed pack design unlike sit inside kayak which is more prone to water filling. This offers better convenience as you don’t have to come back to shore each time your kayak gets filled with water for any reason. The former choice will serve you a self-draining design and ease of usage in comparison to the latter.

For those who are looking forward to buying a kayak for themselves, choosing a sit on the top kayak will be worth every penny. Both hard shell and inflatables are perfect for swimmers or recreational activities.

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