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Which Is The Better Option Between Wireless V.S Wired Alarms?


There is a growing demand among residential and commercial property owners for security systems. It has been proven that it can effectively increase the security of a premise and reduce the chances of potential break-ins. But, it is very important to choose the right system to get the optimum performance. 

Depending on your property and preferences, you can choose between wired and wireless alarms to enhance the security of your property. Keep reading the article if you find it hard to choose between them.

Understanding The Difference Between Wired And Wireless Alarms

The wired alarms, as the name suggests, the wired alarms depend on a hardwired connection. It receives the required power and transmits the signal to the central hub through the wire. 

On the other hand, wireless alarm systems use wireless technology in security networks, keeping all your security devices connected 

Finding The Better Choice:-

Now that you know the difference between hardwired and wireless alarm systems, we will determine which one is a better choice based on various aspects.


Wireless- Wireless alarms are much more expensive than the wired variant, but the installation cost is very low. It also helps to save time.

Wired- Even though they are cheaper than wireless alarms, there is an additional cost involved, including cables, clips, etc. Also, they are more complex when installing and hiding them to maintain your property’s aesthetics also consists of a cost.

Better Option - Wireless alarm

       Installation Time

The installation time and process for the wired ones are much longer and more complex when compared to the wireless alarm. For example, in a property where the wireless alarms can be installed in a day, it might take days to install the wired alarms.

Better Option- Wireless alarm 

       Running Cost

Wireless- The wireless devices need to be replaced once in a few years. Also, you might need to change the backup battery once every 5 years to ensure smoothing operation. Thus, the running cost of the wireless variant is slightly higher than the wired ones.

Wired- The alarm would not need any battery to run, and hence there is no replacement cost involved. However, you might have to change the backup battery in the main panel and siren battery once every five years.

Better Option- Wired alarm

There are also several other aspects like:

       Aesthetics- The wireless ones look much sleeker and have a finished appearance.

       Reliability And Security- Both of them are reliable and secure. Going by this aspect, one cannot decide a winner between the two.

       Performance- Both systems show excellent performance when securing your property with timely repairs and proper maintenance.

Thus, both alarms can be chosen to secure your property. However, it depends on your preferences and also the type of property. So make the selection wisely.

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