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What Are The Must Have Features For Bi Fold Doors?


Before you decide to install a BI-fold door in your home, you must understand its benefits. This particular door type comes with many features which set it apart from any other door. This article will talk about the essential features and how they would benefit your property.


The design of the BI fold doors London is such that it consists of thin frames made of different materials like wood, vinyl, etc., and they are enclosed by glass. As these doors mainly consist of glasses, choosing the right and suitable glass is essential. According to your needs, you would need to choose among different types of glazings like laminated safety glass, noise reduction glass, double/triple glazing, etc.

Thermal Breaks

One of the best features of BI fold doors London is that they can effectively stop any kind of heat escape. This means that the doors are thermally efficient. To ensure minimum loss of heat from inside the room through the door, thermal breaks are applied to the door. This is a thermally efficient component that helps separate the interior and the exterior parts of your door.


The thresholds are the bottom parts of the door. It is the track along with the doors slide to have a very smooth operation. There are non-weathered and weathered thresholds. The former has no level, and it is on the same level as the floor. It can be a great safety choice for homes with children, older people, and differently-abled individuals. The weathered threshold is slightly raised off the floor, and they are designed in such a way that they give much better protection against rainwater. So, the choice of the threshold would depend on your requirements.


Standard BI fold doors come with a multi-point locking system. The more the number of locking points, the more secure your door would be. You should also notice the door handle; it should be made with a heavy-duty metal capable of withstanding solid forces from housebreakers.

If you have children, ensure to include child-safety features like finger-safe gaskets and magnetic catches. This would reduce the risk of accidents.

You should ensure that the BI-fold door you are opting for is good quality and strong enough to protect your interior space. Then, you can configure it according to your convenience and needs. Also, you can choose the right colour depending on your interiors. Go for subtle or neutral tones that look classy and elegant. Also, weather-proof your door to stay safe in your home during rains and storms. These are also essential features that you should consider.

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