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Types of Workplace Discrimination in Austin, TX


Despite the fact that job discrimination has been prohibited for decades, it still continues to occur at most workplaces. In order to stop this, employees should start speaking about it openly without fearing anything. They should file a lawsuit by approaching a reputed employment discrimination lawyer. As there are so many lawyers in Austin, TX, you must be careful when choosing a lawyer. 

If you don’t have any prior experience in hiring an employment discrimination lawyer Austin, TX, then read the client reviews online. When you read the client reviews online, you will understand whether hiring that lawyer would be really helpful to you or not. If you don’t have any idea about these lawyers in your location, choose the law firm of Jeffrey A. Goldberg. This law firm has the best lawyers who handle workplace discrimination cases. Visit their website to hire their lawyers.

What is the common type of workplace discrimination?

        Pregnancy Discrimination: Discrimination against pregnant women or new mothers comes under this. Some employers refuse to hire pregnant women, while some try to fire pregnant women. Some employers may deny leaves for pregnant women, while some try to change their roles when they are on leave. Employers might be not be aware of the need to give leave or might penalize women employees who practice their privilege to apply for leave. If you experience this kind of discrimination, you must immediately contact a lawyer.

        Disability Discrimination: If an individual is treated cheap or less due to his or her disability, it comes under disability discrimination. For example, teasing a disabled person in front of everyone.

        Gender Discrimination: If you are treated unfairly because of your gender in the workplace, it comes under gender discrimination. Gender discrimination is likely to become a bigger issue in the future. According to a study, women, particularly women of color, are more likely than men to be sexually harassed.

        Age Discrimination: This type of discrimination is more common among people over 40. Even too young individuals can face age discrimination. 

        Religious Discrimination: Discriminating against someone because of their religious views is likewise prohibited by state and federal law. 


Most employees fear that they will lose their job if they complain about discrimination at the workplace, but nothing as such will happen. It is your right to complain at your workplace if something goes wrong. If you feel that you are not getting a proper response at your workplace, you must contact an employment discrimination attorney. 

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