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How to ace your look in a saree Must know these styling tips

We Indians seem to be obsessed with our traditional attire – saree! These have such a simplistic yet dynamic approach. First, you just need to drape six yards of fine fabric over your body, and next, you’ll view a ravishing reflection of yourself in the mirror! Well, you will be pleased to know that the elegance and beauty of a saree aren’t just limited to this! You can make it appear more impressive by styling it in different ways. You can buy any saree under 500 or an expensive one and try these to create a fabulous impression wearing it. Read about some of the best saree styling tips to ace the look!


       Saree with mules – It doesn’t matter if you wear an exclusive collection or it is a saree under 500; it looks sophisticated and ritzy in all ways. And if you want to look classier wearing it, pair it with some classical looking pair of mules. These are comfortable, giving you a special grace when you walk with them over your saree, and if the design and colour are enchanting, wait for the eyes to turn towards you.


       Saree with belt – Sarees look sexy even when you drape them in traditional style. However, you can expect them to look more stylish and splendid when you wear them with a belt. Now, the belt can be glittery and glamourous if you want, or simply keep it in the regular traditional form for semi-formal attire.


       Saree with rich necklace --- jewellery, all of them are worn to enhance the appearance of your attires. But nothing can beat the elegance of a jadau, traditional and rich necklace. Even if you wear it on a solid coloured saree, it will make it look royal and admirable. Pro tip – Get a colour coordinated necklace to go with your saree to make it look more commendable.


        Saree with a clutch – Your arm candy becomes an inseparable part of your attire when you pair them together. Well, a clutch does add an air of class and richness to your saree. Remember to have one in impressive colour and design so that even your saree under 500 looks expensive and magnificent with it.


       Saree with good jewellery – we couldn’t help gaping at the combination of fine solid vibrant coloured saree and pure gold jewellery. These fine pieces in glittery gold can make your saree appear so much more elaborated and stunning. Just ensure that the earrings, necklace and even bracelet match and complement the pattern of your saree.

       Saree with a tie – the modern and fusion fashion saw a fine twist even in wearing your traditional saree. You can get a chic looking glamorous look by wearing a collared full sleeves shirt on your saree and adding a tie to it. Your formal meet-ups and events are going to appear more appealing when you flaunt this unique saree look there.


Loved these ideas? Then why wait? Please try them over all your sarees under 500 and share the drool-worthy pictures on Instagram now!

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