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Got Into A Car Accident? Here Are Possible Reasons Why You May Be Suffering From Back Pain.


Imagine working out in a gym, sleeping in an uneven position, or sitting in your office chair for a long time. These daily activities significantly impact our back and can be a potential risk factor. Now consider a situation where a person meets an intense car accident. Imagine the result of the accident on their back and the severity of possible injuries.

A Fort Wayne car crash attorney helps victims suffering from injuries file a claim and get deserved compensation after a car accident. Your back pain can be acute or chronic; depending upon the current situation of your injuries and future expectations, a lawyer calculates your settlement amount and helps negotiate to get a fair settlement.

Why am I suffering from back pain after a car accident?

Any injury to the main structures in the back can give rise to persistent disturbing pain. These include bones, the spinal cord, and muscles.

  1. Damage to the spinal cord and nerves.

The spinal cord is a susceptible sensitive organ of the human body; several nerve roots exit the cord and supply different body regions. An accident can compress any nerve roots and give rise to radiating pain in the area provided by the nerve.

  1. Breaking on the bones of the vertebral column.

An intense crash may break a bone and disturb the stability of the backbone. This makes it difficult for the victim even to stand.

  1. Disc herniation or slipped disc.

The slipped disc or the protruding part of a disc may irritate the surrounding nerve roots and radiate pain.

  1. Tearing of muscles.

The intensity of a crash can tear the ligaments, tendons, and back muscles. In some cases, these may even get overstretched and cause mild pain compared to tearing.

Do you get compensation for back pain?

A victim can get compensation for back pain if they file a claim at the right time. Delaying can turn things around for a victim. Moreover, proceeding legally with the guidance of a professional, experienced, and successful lawyer in this field can increase your chances of getting better compensation.

How much compensation can I get for my back pain?

Depending upon the severity and location of the injury, a victim gets compensation. For instance, a victim who has damaged their spinal cord and has extreme difficulty following their daily chores gets a higher compensation than a victim who has minor back injuries and a short recovery period without surgery.




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