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6 Incredible Ways to Get Toned Arms

Have you been hesitant to wear that sexy strapless dress because of flabby arms? If yes, then you need to do a few arms workouts that will help you cut back on the extra fats. These arms exercises are super easy to do and can be done anywhere. If you remain persistent with your practice, you can quickly shed the extra kilos and make your arms appear slim and sleek.

By doing various arms exercises, you will shed the extra kilos and make your torso flexible. If you want to know which arms exercises need to be done, we have many easy ones for you. So practice these arms exercises and be brave to wear your sleeveless blouses and strapless dresses confidently.


  1. Arm circles: To do this arms exercise, you simply need to stand straight with your legs hip-width apart. Stretch your arms at the side and make circular movements for a couple of minutes. You can do 15 rotations to complete 1 set. This arms exercise is easy and needs no equipment, which is why you can do it anytime and anywhere.


  1. Tricep dips: Did you know that you can build your triceps with just your body weight? You only need a chair, table, or couch for this arms exercise. Sit in front of the chair with your legs stretched out and your arms resting on the chair. Slowly try to lift your body with your arms, taking the support of the chair. Make sure your legs remain stretched out straight, and your knees aren’t bending. Complete three sets of 12 reps.


  1. Superman: This arms exercise will make you feel as if you’re your favourite superhero- the man of steel. This arms exercise needs no equipment, and you can simply begin by lying on your stomach with your legs and hands stretched out. Engage your shoulders and glutes as you try lifting your chest, arms and legs off the ground. You need to hold this upward position for 3 seconds as if you’re the flying superhero or a superwoman.


  1. Side planks: This arms exercise is an alternate version of the planks. You can start by lying on your right side while pressing your forearm into the ground for stability. Extend your torso out with your back, hands, and legs straight. Stretch your other arm out and with the supporting arm, push the ground and try to lift your body off the ground. Hold it for 30 seconds before switching sides.


  1. Kickboxing punches: Stand straight and raise your arm to a 45-degree angle with your fist below your jawline. Extend the arm as if you’re hitting an imaginary target without overextending your shoulder muscles. Throw at least 10-15 hard punches with one arm before switching to another.


  1. Rolling pushups: Start this arms exercise with an elevated plank and lower down for a traditional push-up. Return to your pose, lift one hand up, rotate to your back by putting your free arm onto the ground on the opposite side behind you. Lift the other hand up as you roll towards an elevated front plank position.

These arms exercises will surely help you quickly lose the flabs in your arms.

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