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Why Replacing Your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants?

Missing teeth make us feel desperate and lose our self-confidence. That’s why the world of dentistry has always been trying to solve the problem of missing teeth in a better way. The results of putting much effort into replacement methods are now dental implants. Implants are the ultimate dentistry treatment for replacing a lost tooth as they can imitate the role of your real teeth. As the statistics reported by a dental clinic in Toronto show, more than 90 percent of implant surgeries have successful results and restore both the health and beauty of the patients’ smiles. As you may admit, a confident and healthy smile impacts your self-confidence and entire life. However, that is only one reason that convinces you to replace your missing teeth with dental implants. Missing teeth negatively impact your appearance, but that’s not the whole problem they cause. Let’s see what happens to your oral health if you don’t replace your missing teeth with dental implants. 


Why Are Dental Implants Necessary for Your Missing Teeth?

You may get used to the empty place of your missing teeth, but they don’t stop ruining your oral health. A group of dentists specializing in dental implants in North York explains that replacing even a single lost tooth is of the essence because it can lead to health issues such as bone deterioration. A missing tooth also impacts the health of your surrounding teeth and makes them move. This is the main reason for teeth misalignment and the need for orthodontics. The empty place of your lost teeth sets the stage for the growth of bacteria in your mouth and result in tooth decay. However, dental implants are a perfect solution for preventing the above-mentioned problems. They can also fully restore the health, function, and beauty of your smile.

Is There Any Other Option for Your Missing Teeth?

Although there are some other tooth-replacement methods available for patients, dental implants are considered the greatest one. In the past, patients suffering from missing teeth used to get dentures as a set of false teeth to solve this problem. As a dentist who is considered the best dental implant specialist in Vancouver claims, dentures and implants are both false teeth but not similar to each other. Implanted teeth are long-lasting and can even linger for a lifetime. In contrast, dentures may require fixtures if you gain or lose weight. Dentures also prevent the process of jawbone loss and accelerate the progress speed of this problem. 

What Problems Can Your Missing Teeth Cause? 

You may undergo a tooth extraction, or your tooth may have been knocked out due to an accident. Regardless of the reason, your missing teeth need to be replaced with dental implants, or your will face many oral health issues. Losing even a single tooth is far more than destroying the look of your smile, and, unfortunately, many people are not aware of the missing tooth problems. Some of these problems include:

Difficulty in eating and chewing foods: You definitely need your tooth for chewing unless the gum tissue is hurt. When you do chew your food properly, the digestive system has to put much more effort into the digestion process.

Teeth misalignment: when you lose a tooth or several teeth, the remained ones start to move in their place. This will cause teeth misalignment. Misaligned teeth are always difficult to brush ad floss, leading to severe tooth decay and more tooth loss.

Speech problems: you may become surprised if you understand you can’t speak well without your teeth, especially the front ones. But replacing your lost teeth with dental implants helps you solve such a problem.

Bone loss: Your jawbone needs your teeth to stay dense and healthy. The act of chewing stimulates the jawbone cells to grow and keep themselves strong. But with dental implants, your jawbone undergoes the required pressure for its health.

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