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Understanding Divorce and the Need to Hire an Attorney


An attorney is a person who is well-versed with the laws as he holds a law degree from a reputed law school. Likewise, a divorce lawyer is someone who has immense knowledge of family law and handles divorce cases. Most people think that hiring a lawyer can be an additional financial burden on them. It is important to understand the divorce process to understand the need of hiring a knowledgeable Birmingham divorce lawyer.

Fault or no-fault divorce?

Most states in the United States allow no-fault divorce in which no one is to be blamed for the divorce. They can file for a divorce because they are not compatible and the marriage is beyond repair. No one is willing to live with another partner. On the contrary, if the divorce is happening because of the misconduct of another partner, one partner will find some grounds and file for the divorce. Some of these grounds include adultery, abuse, abandonment, drug and alcohol addiction. These types of cases take longer than other cases because substantial evidence has to be submitted in the court followed by several hearings.

Need for the lawyer in fault-based cases

In a fault-based divorce, one partner may file for the divorce and impose some serious allegations on the partner. The court has to consider every aspect of a divorce such as children, finances and the genuineness of the case. Moreover, if you are aiming at raising your kids and applying for custody, you will have to look for a qualified lawyer.

If you and your spouse have joint property, accounts and credit cards, you will have to get them in your name first. In such a scenario, an attorney can suggest the best way to do so without getting into more conflicts and disputes.

Your partner has already hired an attorney

The need of hiring an attorney also depends on whether your partner is meeting with one of the divorce attorneys already. If yes, it is time for you to start looking for a reputed lawyer to fight your case. These people are qualified and aware of all tactics and tools to be used in the court of law to win the case. If you don’t hire him, the chances of winning the case will be minimal.

If your case falls under no-fault divorce, you can still work with your partner to separate your ways to lead a more peaceful life afterward.

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