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Best Ways To Clean your Shaggy Rugs

 Not only a rug can change the look and mood of your room, but they also have a variety of practical benefits from warming your home, to reducing noise and protecting your floors. Rugs can also have multiple uses in the home from decorative purposes to functional uses. Depending on the colours and patterns, contemporary rug designs can edge up or soften the appearance of an area. Shaggy rugs are definitely in trend and cleaning and taking care of them may seem challenging. If you have a high pile rug means you create a vintage vibe within the home. Shaggy rugs are soft and comfortable and they might get dirty very easily. The shaggy fibres make cleaning a little tricker compare to other types of rug.  There are several methods that you can use to clean your shaggy rugs depending on how dirty it is.

1) Loosening Dirt

To clean your shaggy rugs start with the oldest method. Take your rug outside, hold it gently by the side corners, and powerfully shake it to loosen any dust or dirt. If your rug is too big to handle hang it over a railing or fence and after hanging it starts hitting the rug by the broom handle or a solid stick. This will help the dust and dirt fly and give a chance to your rug to be free from any dust and dirt particles. You can use another way to clean your shaggy rug is by absorbing up some rays for a short time will help kill bacteria and insects.

2) Vaccum

Vacuuming shaggy rugs depend on your usage if you are using your rug for a daily purpose that means you need to daily Vaccum your rug. The long pile of shaggy rugs requires more vacuuming compared to a rug with a shorter pile. Set the vacuum cleaning to the highest pile if your vacuum had the option. If you had long piles of fibres and if it gets caught in the vacuum cleaner it can damage the fibre so always the set temperature to its lowest setting or you can use the upholstery attachment and vacuum the rug with your hands. Turning your rug over and vacuuming both sides with the beater bars can help to loosen out the dirt from your rug.

3) Spot Clean

When spills or accidents happen, spot cleaning your rug is the easiest way to treat a spot area instead of cleaning the entire rug. The trick to efficient spot cleaning is to quickly react as soon as the spills occur and clean them immediately before they settle in, so make sure you have a liquid cleaner that can remove the spots. When spills occur make sure to gently press on the affected areas with a clean cloth and soak up as much liquid as possible. Then spray the area with carpet cleaning solution and let it rest for a minute or so, before blotting the area dry with a new cloth, working from the outside edges of the spill towards the centre. Keep repeating this process until the spot is invisible.

4) Shampoo

If your rug is dealing with moisture then you can use a carpet cleaner to shampoo your shaggy rugs. You can make a mixture of shampoo and hot water and then use those on your rug and at the same time vacuum the liquids back up, lifting dirt and stain as it goes. After cleaning your rug let it dry outside to remove any mould. For rugs that shouldn't get wet, you can use a powder dry shampoo, sprinkle those dry power of shampoo on your rug, and then vacuum up. The powder will capture dirt and other particles.

5) Professional Cleaning

The safest and most effective way to clean your shaggy rug is to get it cleaned by any professionals. Some rugs required a deep cleaning, as a result, to prevent them from damaging just hire a professional. We think that we can easily clean the rug at home but in any case, this is not true some shaggy rugs are so heavy that vacuuming it daily may seem very tiring. If the cleaning recommendations for your rug require specific care then just don't take the risk of damaging your rugby try to clean it yourself. Even though if you like to clean your rug by yourself, it is still a good idea to give your rug professionally cleaned a few times a year.


A rug can anchor a room, define, it and, add warmth. There are many different types of rugs and each requires a different cleaning. Shaggy rugs are made with heavy piles of fibres, as a result, it gets difficult to clean regularly whereas if you use oriental rugs which are handmade, and low in the pile can be easily cleaned. Shaggy rugs have a luxurious texture whereas modern rugs are enough to create an elegant texture.

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