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The best disability support services

The need for a given product or service may be gauged from the extent of its demand in the market. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that there are numerous products and services designed to support persons with disabilities. The following are some of the many equipment and Hearth Australia services available:


(a) Wheelchairs-wheelchairs come in different sizes depending on a person's height and weight. They can be manual, power-operated, or electric wheelchairs. The wheelchair provides a source of comfort to people who cannot walk well due to illness or injury. Manual wheelchairs are manually propelled by pushing them along by one's hands. Power-operated wheelchairs rest upon three wheels, and an attendant pushes the wheelchair around using a push bar fitted onto its back railings. An electric motor propels electric wheelchairs.


(B) Mobility scooters are designed to provide independence and safety to people unable to walk well or very far. It is suitable for use in shopping malls, airports, hospitals, etc. A mobility scooter has a platform on which the user stands. The platform is fitted with hand grips allowing the user to maneuver it forward or backward quickly. The three-wheel type has two wheels at the front and one wheel at the back, while the four-wheel style has two wheels at the front, side, and one wheel at the rear. Wheelchair and mobility scooters play a significant role in improving the lifestyle of people with disabilities.


(c) Appliances- appliances are designed to lighten tasks for persons who have some form of disability. For example, a switch-operated kettle can be used by blind people. An enhanced phone is an excellent example of a device that will allow a person with moderate hearing loss to make and receive calls quickly.


(d) Environmental control systems include devices such as door openers, pushbuttons, and intercoms that enable people with physical disabilities to gain full access to buildings and home environments. Other environmental control systems such as hand switches or sensors can help those who cannot use their arms or hands. They also include specialized kitchen utensils that permit individuals with poor hand function to feed themselves, such as those with cerebral palsy. Also included are custom-designed switch units, which enable those who cannot use their fingers or hands to turn lights on and off without assistance.)


(e) Assistive devices- these devices can help individuals carry out activities of daily living. For example, a dressing stick is an assistive device that allows a person to dress more efficiently by freeing one's hands for other tasks. A long-handled shoehorn enables a person with limited bending range to put on shoes comfortably. In addition, various types of walking aids such as walking sticks can help people stand upright and move forward.


Wheelchairs, mobility scooters, appliances, environmental control systems, assistive devices, and walking aids are some of the many products and services that help people with disabilities lead fulfilling lives.

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