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Important Tips You Need To Know About Constructing A Bespoke Pergolas

A pergola is a versatile structure. It can add a unique touch to your garden and become a statement piece. There are several ways to use a pergola, like an entertainment space, outdoor kitchen, etc.

Decorating bespoke pergolas can also be an interesting activity. You can beautify it with hanging plants to make the structure a perfect garden room. You can also add some other exterior plants there according to your preferences.

A classic bespoke pergolas is a fairly simple structure. It comes with four beams and a lattice roof for added shade. It looks like an arbour and is traditionally decorated with vining plants. It can be used as an efficient outdoor space, and thus, it is quite large. They are quite similar to that of a pavilion. These are some of the most efficient hybrid garden structures.

Designing a pergola mainly depends on its purpose. You can use them to fit into your preferred style and material. Here are a few things that you should consider while designing a pergola:


       The location of the pergola should depend on your needs and why you wish to construct it. If you want to use it as an extension of your kitchen, then constructing it in the farthest corner of your lawn area would not make any sense.


       You can also add the pergola as a part of your patio or deck. This will create a great outdoor area, and you will be able to spend some quality time there, even in afternoons, under the shade.


       Now that you know where you can add the pergola, it is time to decide its size. Depending on your use, you would need to decide how large or small the pergola should be. For example, if you will use that space for dinners, ensure that it is big enough to accommodate your family and guests.


       The final look you want will also define the design of the structure. Ensure that it matches your home and landscape look so that the pergola becomes a part of it. To make your pergola stand out, you can also go for a contrasting design.


       Also, think about whether you want to add a roof to your pergola or keep it as it is with climbers. Adding a roof would protect you from sun and rain while you are outdoors.

These are some of the tips that can help you to construct an ideal pergola for your garden.

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