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Why is Cerakote the Hottest Finish in Firearms?

If you cannot recall the name of even ten firearm manufacturers, then there is no need to feel bad as it is a difficult task, even for those in the industry. Well, the same thing can be said in the case of accessories companies. Every month, you see something new popping up in the firearm market, but one trend that has become one of the most popular choices in the firearm industry is Cerakote finishes.

Cerakote is a type of ceramic-based thin film coating that has spread like wildfire in the gun industry, mainly because there are many color choices in this type of finish. But is it only the vast array of color options that have made Cerakote the new popular finish for firearms? Let’s find out.

A wide array of patterns

The number of companies offering Cerakote finishes has only increased with time. Many big companies like Rock River Arms, LWRCI, and even CMMG have started offering Cerakote finishes in their offerings. Even small companies have begun to include Cerakote finishes in their firearms.

So many companies are now offering Cerakote finishes because they allow the manufacturers to provide a wide array of patterns that were not possible with traditional finishes. And with more options, these manufacturers can entice a more extensive audience base. This might be the reason why Cerakoting a gun has become a trend.

Protection from rust

Many people think that it is only because of the pattern and color that Cerakoting a gun has almost become a trend, but there are other benefits of using Cerakote finish on guns. One of those benefits is protection from rust.

As a gun owner, rusted guns might be your biggest nightmare. It doesn’t matter how well you store your gun or how many oils you use; oxidation always sneaks onto the surface of your firearm. But you can stop the surface of your gun from rusting by using Cerakote finishes.

So, if you live in a humid condition or sweat a lot, Cerakoting a gun is the best option for you since it will keep the metal surface of your firearm away from oxidation.

It acts as a lubricant

Another good thing about the Cerakote finish is it acts as a lubricant for your firearm. After using Cerakote finish, you won't have to worry about applying any lubricant on your firearm to make it look good.

Cerakote finish performs better than all the other lubricants in the market because it attracts less unwanted stuff like dust and debris. And this is why Cerakote finish can keep your gun cleaner and helps in functioning optimally.

Option of color

People always look for something unique when choosing a firearm, as no one wants to stick to the same metallic finish. Cerakote solves this issue by offering firearm owners a long list of colors to choose from.

None of the finishes will offer you so many color options, which is another apparent reason that has helped Keratore finishes spread like wildfire in the firearm industry. So, choose Cerakote finish and stand out of the crowd.

There are so many options of customization in firearms that sometimes these options can be overwhelming. But you should keep it simple and go for Cerakote finish. The Cerakote finish doesn’t only protect your gun from dust, debris, regular wear, and tear, but it also allows you to choose from a wide variety of colors and patterns as well. 

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