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Ultimate Guide to Applying for a Sponsor Licence

The greatest transition came with Brexit being announced and now since freedom of movement has ended. The UK immigration law stands equal to UK and overseas nations.

From 01 January 2021, every employer in the UK will need a sponsor licence if they intend to hire skilled workers. The route to the UK is through a skilled worker visa.

Types of Sponsor Licences

There is an entire pool of workers en route to the UK as skilled workers. The organisations may consider the following work visa routes to sponsor them.

1.    Skilled Worker visa

2.    Intra Company Transfer visa

3.    Sportsperson visa (Tier 2)

4.    Ministers of Religion (Tier 2)

5.    Temporary Worker Creative and Sporting (Tier 5)

6.    Temporary Worker Charity (Tier 5)

7.    Temporary Worker Government Authorised Exchange (Tier 5)

8.    Temporary Worker International Agreement (Tier 5)

9.    Temporary Worker Seasonal (Tier 5)

Certain visas are coupled with the others, using the same documentation. For example, a skilled worker visa and an Intra company transfer visa.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility criteria is direct when it comes to sponsor licence applications. The organisation must prove that you are based in the UK, are genuine and are operating or trading lawfully in the UK.

The Home office can reject your sponsor licence application if at any point you fail to prove your genuineness. 

Suitability requirements

The suitability criteria determine whether the Home Office will grant or refuse the application, alter the sponsor rating of an existing licence, or revoke an existing licence. It may also affect the limit set for Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) that organisations can assign while hiring the skilled workers.

 The Home Office will basically check if the organisation is ‘Honest, dependable or reliable’

1.    The organisation has a HR system and continues to meet sponsor duties.

2.    The organisation is able to comply with the Home Office whenever there is a sudden, audit conducted within the organisation’s establishment

3.    This includes checks at any physical site where your sponsored workers carry out, or would carry out, their employment duties.

4.    You meet specific requirements for the skilled worker route and ensure you have offered a genuine role to the desired skilled worker.

5.    Your sponsor licence applications are likely to be refused if you have any criminal conviction or civil penalties or any previous history of non-compliance by the organisation.

 Sponsor licence procedure

 A sponsor licence application is submitted via an online platform created by the Home Office. Before the submission, you will need to ensure that you have at least four mandatory documents, depending on the business you run, which will then need to be sent to the Home Office via email.

The documents furnish actual proof of trading presence and functionality. Additionally, you are also required to provide background information about the company and an organisation chart showing where each position in your company sits. 

 Sponsor licence application fee


     The sponsor license cost depends upon the organisation's size for which the employer is seeking the licence.

      The Home Office regulates this cost. The sponsor licence validity holds for 4 years, hence after every 4 years, this licence needs to be renewed and the several different levels of sponsor licence fees paid.

     Medium and Large organisations pay £1,476.

     Small organisations pay  £536 sponsor licence fee

An organisation normally qualifies as a small sponsor organisation if any two of the following apply:

     The annual turnover is £10.2 million or less

     The total assets are worth £5.1 million or less

     The company has 50 employees or fewer

Taking legal assistance

It may also be recommended to take assistance from a legal expert who can represent your case efficiently and effectively. A Y & J Solicitors have one of the best immigration lawyers in London, who have extensive experience in helping their clients secure sponsor licence with compassion and care.

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