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Know Ablout Sourcing agent

A sourcing agent is a person/company that helps you to find a better source for your products and supplies from a manufacturer at lower costs. They are usually paid through commissions from the sale that takes place.

Purpose of these agents.

They help you in finding an ideal manufacturer for your business needs. They tend to stand different from the distributors, because with these agents you can have your requirement customized as you need and get the quality checks done, before placing an order.

This can help your product to be 100% quality assured as you wanted it to be. You do not have to compromise on anything that is merely available.

These agents have a wide range of manufacturers network so they can offer you timely supplies, which will help you meet your business delivery.

The charges that you will be paying for them, are purely based on the percentage commission for the order being placed.  From the factory price, their commission percentage will be somewhere between 1 and 10.

Things to know about how they operate?

They will manage your supply chain from end to end on being hired.

They will spend time with you to understand your business requirement before beginning their search.

They will visit all the potential manufactures, and negotiate the prices with them. This saves you time and money from visiting every manufacturer.

They will get the best quote from all the manufacturers and submit the report analysis for you to proceed with the order.

They take care of sample checking and quality checking, before placing orders on your behalf.

After placing the order, they own the responsibility of getting the supplies to your place. The most reputed ones take care of all the freight movement involved.

They even take ownership of raising invoices and getting payments done.

With the supplies being provided, they also monitor your product and give you valid feedback, to make your product successful in the consumer market.

Compliance is one important factor, one must pay attention to. A good sourcing agent will source your supplies only from the authorized suppliers in the market. Therefore you need not worry about the legal issues here.

Things to look for in the best sourcing agent

If you are on the verge to pick the best for your business need, please make sure that they pass through these 3 key elements.

Product sourcing – The best in the industry, will do quality research in finding the best manufacturer who can fulfill your specific business requirement.

Manufacturing – On the manufacturing front, they have the benefit of developing a prototype before placing an order.

Importing – Once the supplier has been chosen, they take ownership of all the freights invoved. If your supplier is from a different country, they even take care of all the importing processes and necessary documentation involved.


Hope the above information helps you to better understand the need of the sourcing agent and how they operate to support your business need.

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