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A Beginner’s Guide to Reducing Neck Tattoo Pain


Neck tattoos can be immensely painful. The skin encompassing the neck is sensitive, and this unfortunately means your tattoo session is going to be rather uncomfortable. Now how much the neck tattoos hurt relies on where exactly you are getting inked. The front of the neck is way more painful than the sides and back. For details, please check out the given discussion now.

Understanding the Neck Tattoo Pain


Before you decide where to get a tattoo in Thailand, you must first be certain about the body part you want to get the tattoo on. The front of the neck is quite painful since the skin here is thin, has abundant nerve endings, and less muscle mass. You will feel difficult to breathe during tattooing.

A few neck tattoos go down to the clavicle. That area is more sensitive since there is not much padding on top of the bones.


Inking the side of the neck is a whole another story.  It is believed to be the least painful areas to get a tattoo. The sides have more muscular tissues and fewer nerves. However, just like most things, it depends on the tolerance level of the individual.


The back or nape of neck is quite popular among the tattoo enthusiasts. Women can hide tattoos here by putting their hair down and men can do the same by putting on a  scarf. There is sufficient fat that acts as the cushioning for the bones.

Ways to Reduce Neck Tattoo Pain

Getting inked is painful, no matter where the tattoo is located. You may want to ask the artist to apply a topical anesthetic to calm the nerves down. With the numbing creams available in the market, you would not feel a thing. A few more tips are:

Choose the Design Wisely

The experts working for the best tattoo studio in Thailand said the kind of design you opt for plays an important role in the amount of pain you tolerate. The smaller, thinner lines hardly sting, but, in case you want a bold design that needs lots of filling, there will be pain.

If you are getting inked for the first time, please start with something small. See how it feels and then try to build on it.

Cut Back on Alcohol

Everybody has that spontaneous friend who drinks alcohol and then gets a tattoo. Well alcohol may numb your senses, but, it also increases the chances of bleeding and other complications. If you wish to come out of the studio with a nice tattoo, you must be sober. Cut back on OTC painkillers such as Tylenol and energy drinks too.

Drink Sufficient Water

Prepping the skin is necessary and what better way to do so than stay hydrated. Drinking plenty water prior to appointment will allow the skin to accept as well as retain ink, which will improve the outcomes.

Eat Well

Several tattooists said their clients often pass out because they try to get inked on an empty stomach. The low tolerance for pain and lack of glucose is a bad combination. Eat a full meal before hopping on that chair.

Several people choose to get tattoos on their neck. While the front hurts a lot, the back and sides are more or less fine. There are many ways to reduce pain as described in the above. Try one or all of them for comfortable sessions.

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