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Informative facts about plant capsules


Starting with a basic knowledge question, what essential components are required for the growth of a plant? Nitrogen, Iron, Phosphorus, and micronutrients are the basic components and elements that a plant requires for its growth and expansion. Every plant requires nutrients, which were earlier given through organic fertilizers or chemical fertilizers. The trend has changed now; farmers prefer plant capsules over organic or chemical fertilizers as they have to be sprayed on the plants almost thrice a year or even more than that. But in the case of Plant Capsules, the farmers just have to insert the tablet into the plant hole and the work’s done straight for one year. The key nutrients present in the plant tablets help the plants in the creation of new cells which further organizes them into plant tissues. It encourages the formation of fresh and new leaves. Plant tablets are designed with the primary aim to deliver greener, bigger and healthier plants. Contains high nitrogen formula which is proved to be an excellent component in case the farmer wants a valuable size of the plant. Therefore, all in all, fertilizers tablets have been a scientifically proven safe plant feed that is now used worldwide. Let us know about some more informative facts regarding plant tablets –


1. Tablets are non - dissolvable 

The rate at which the nutrients are released from the tablet is slow. Therefore, the tablets are placed under tons of pressure, so that they do not get dissolved while someone waters them or during rainy seasons. The nutrients from the tablets are gradually released by the soil bacteria’s action. There is a negligible danger of burning roots.

2. Effective in working

The format of such tablets is very unique and they release 8 times the plant’s requirement for nutrition as compared to the normal fertilizers. 13 times the need for phosphorus and 5 times the need for potassium, this is the rate of their effectiveness. Just a negligible amount of surplus nutrients are wasted and most of the nutrients are absorbed by the roots of the trees. 

3. Full coverage 

Most of the nutrient content of the tablets goes into the soil, and just a minimal amount of the nutrient loss goes into the process of leaching and the fixation of chemicals in the soil, not only in the dry areas but the high rainfall areas too.

4. Versatile in nature

The tablets have proven to show results in any kind of soil as long as there is enough moisture in the soil to allow soil bacteria to break down the tablets and allows root growth. These tablets are used in almost every part of the world and farmers are not only gaining benefits by using the fertilizer capsule and but are also saving a lot of their time. 


So these are the informative facts that a farmer should know before choosing the best kind of fined for his plants. Fertilizer tablets for trees are gaining importance these days as they have rich features and provide all the required and appropriate nutrient content to them. Choose the best feed for your plants, so that the output comes out to be more than expected not only in quantity but quality as well. 

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