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The best gift ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Spring is just around the corner and every Irish person is excited for the biggest spring holiday: St. Patrick’s Day! This holiday is celebrated all over the world by the Irish diaspora. Irish and non-Irish people alike go to see the grand parades and enjoy the extraordinary dance and music performances. Although St. Patrick’s Day festivals will only be held virtually this year, this doesn’t mean that you can celebrate it to the fullest. The best aspects of this holiday are celebrating your Irish heritage with your loved ones, and giving and receiving gifts, so you might want to start thinking about gift ideas! 

Festive outfit gift ideas

Wearing green is one of the things that define a St. Patrick’s day celebration, so you might consider buying some nice green garments and accessories for your loved ones. Choose something that would suit their personality. If they are fun and quirky, they might enjoy a leprechaun hat or a green T-shirt with a funny print on it. If they like elaborate and well-put-together outfits for special occasions, they might like a tie or a scarf with an interesting St Patrick’s Day design. If they’re into fancier stuff, then they would definitely enjoy some nice accessories, maybe something like a beautiful pair of Shamrock earrings or a Celtic Knot necklace.

Irish flat caps

Green garments and accessories for St. Patrick’s Day sound like a great idea, but what about something that can be worn on both special and casual occasions? Irish flat caps immediately come to mind. Flat caps are very popular among Irish people and that’s because they have a long history in Ireland. If the person you want to buy a gift for is an avid flat cap wearer, then he or she would definitely love to add a nice flat cap to their collection. You can browse a great range of Irish flat caps to find the one that would make the best gift.

Cool drinking-accessories

What’s one of people’s favorite activities on St. Patrick’s Day? Drinking beer! St. Patrick’s Day and drinking beer always went hand in hand. That’s because St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in the middle of Lent. For this special holiday, Catholics are allowed to disregard the restriction of Lent, so, naturally, people would take full advantage of this occasion. Since alcohol is a big part of this celebration, you can buy some gifts that would be both fun and practical. You could, for example, buy a set of glasses or a set of coasters with an Irish design. Bottle openers, bottle covers, beer holders, and flasks are also popular gift ideas.

Gifts for kids

If you want to buy some gifts for kids, you can get creative with it. You can, for example, prepare a Leprechaun treasure hunt for them. If you don’t have time for something that elaborate, there are countless different playthings online that you can choose from. Don’t forget to buy some Irish candy or to prepare some delicious Irish desserts!

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