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Need Personal Loan for Medical Emergency, Use Personal Loan App

When you are dealing with a medical emergency, you may need a large amount. It may be to cover your hospitalization, medicines, diagnostics costs and more.

Many people liquidate their assets and savings to manage the costs of a medical emergency. It is where the personal emergency loan can help you do that. Based on your eligibility, you may be entitled to avail of up to Rs.25 lakh from reputed lenders.

If your CIBIL score is higher, you can get a considerable amount. Your credit score is among one of the vital elements of the personal loan verification process.

Nowadays, you don’t need to visit the office of the lender you want to apply for the emergency loan with. Yes, you can save your time and efforts by doing that either on their websites or apps.

Using the personal emergency loan app of a lender is the modern-day facility that you can use. Let’s know more in this post!

Here’s why you should apply for emergency loans via personal loan apps

Most of the leading lenders in India provide multiple features via their personal loan apps. Let’s have a look:

      Completely digitized process and an easy to use user interface.

      Online loan application on the go.

      Hassle-free document submission.

      Quick loan approval.

      Superfast funds disbursements.

      Feature to pay your EMIs and prepayments and even foreclose the loan account.

      Track your loan progress from anywhere with details like total EMIs paid, tenor and total loan outstanding remaining, along with upcoming EMI due dates.

      Know your pre-approved loan offers and save your time in the application of the emergency loan.

Did you know that you can also apply for a personal loan without documents? Yes, the facility is available for applicants having a higher CIBIL score. You can also do that if you have other income sources to support loan EMIs like rental and FD interest ROIs.

What are the advantages of online personal emergency loans?

You can avail a host of benefits by applying for emergency loans online on a lender’s app. Let’s take a look:

A large loan amount

A medical emergency may need you to have enough money at your disposal to pay for multiple costs. The personal loan for an emergency comes with an amount of up to Rs.25 lakh to take care of all your urgent needs. You can also use the personal loan eligibility calculator to know an amount that you will be able to get if applied.

Quick approval

Lenders are well aware that you are applying for an emergency loan, and can’t wait for ages for the loan approval. Hence, you can get loan approval on the go if you are eligible.

Money disbursements within 24 hours

After you have got the loan approval, a top lender does not take much time to disburse the loan money into your bank account. You may be able to access the loan amount into your bank account within 24 hours.

Flexible repayment tenor

Another advantage of applying for an emergency loan is that you don’t have to worry about repaying the debt faster. You may not be in a position to pay a large EMI amount, especially while dealing with an emergency. It is where reputed lenders let you repay the existing loan over a flexible repayment tenor of up to 60 months.

The eligibility conditions for availing the personal loan for emergency and documents that you need to fulfil are less cumbersome. The eligibility conditions and required documents are also enlisted on apps of all renowned lenders.

Bajaj Finserv offers pre-approved offers on personal loans, home loans and more. It is to simplify the processing of the loan.

You can check out your pre-approved loan offers today after sharing your basic details such as your name and mobile number.     

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