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What is the Assam Bachao Congress party event all about?

Congress came with the filming contest named “Assam Bachao” which is for the people in social media. Issues are more that is faced by the people. The Congress government party came with an idea to put a full stop to the people’s problem and it will be easy to know the major problems faced by the people. They also promised that they will definitely work on the issues of the people.  

What is the event? 

The Congress party Election also described the contest which is making the video for two minutes as the filming contest. They are announced on social media to the people. The people should make a video on the latest issues which are faced by the people on the daily basis and also about the issues of the Assam that is recently faced. There are also many exciting prizes for the participation of the winning contestants.


The lead also gave a speech to the people stating that the party is very curious about the people’s problem. And it is good to keep track of the issues of the people by acknowledging them first to take all the steps to get them out of their problem and the party also stated that they understand the people’s need. 

How does the party hold the event? 

There will be a great analysis about this contest and from the upcoming feedbacks based on the filming contest, they will start attacking the issues of the people stated in the two-minute video in a very good manner. The Congress party campaign will be more effective if they go with their words. The filming contest will be held for ten days until the mentioned end date. The leaders of the Congress party are working on this as normal individual to comfort the people and make them feel normal. 

By this campaign, the party will come to know about the recent urgent problems to be implemented immediately and by this, the Congress party will act on it very soon. This step is considered as the first step by the Congress party to get their people out of the trouble. The manifesto of the Congress party will definitely offer great solutions for the problems faced by the people. The party also mentioned that these are the innovative steps of them which is helpful for many people in many different ways. 

What are the basic procedures? 

The participation of the affected people is very important so that the Congress party will come to know about the problem and it is helpful to take the initial steps. For participation, the people must upload the video based on their issues with the following hashtag that is said to be #AssamBachao with the video in the media and they must also upload their video’s link to the official website that is mentioned by them in their official website. Hereafter, many innovative steps will be conducted by the Congress party to innovate the people and help with their development. 

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