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Importance of immigration law firms in London

The world has truly become a global village and more connected, now more than ever. A lot of shifts have happened during the last few years. The most recent is the introduction of digital media in our lives. The transition from conventional to digital has been a major one. A lot of things have moved online, bringing the world on our fingertips. With one click, we can enter into this huge world of information, which is in abundance, and one can never fall short of it.

Along with the information, the services too have shifted online, and with the recent pandemic crisis in the world, the education too shifted online. With the world shifting online, there is an added advantage of removing a middleman, because of whom your work was likely to get delayed. From filling the school/college form to applying for a passport, the services are now available online. The hassle of travelling back and forth and doing multiple rounds have come to an end. You are only required to visit these offices, once or twice. 

However, with the abundance of information, one is often bound to get lost in that information and are also likely to be misled. And that stands true for any sort of information available online. People nowadays are more interested in going out of the country for either their education or for work. The decision of choosing the country and the further process involved in implementing this decision requires deliberation.

Each country has different laws in place for the immigrants. Developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom are two of the most popular choices, given the kind of opportunities that these countries offer. If you wish to work in any of these countries, it is advisable to get in touch with an immigration lawyer. The lawyer does not help you in providing the relevant details, but can also represent you in the courts.

 After the Brexit deal that was signed between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the immigration laws are one of the many things that have changed. The sponsor licence, now falls under the category of skilled worker route. If an employer is willing to get employees outside of the UK, the employers will be sponsoring the employee. Further, the employer will need to be on the register of licenced sponsors with UK visa and immigration.

The process is a complex one and to get the sponsor licence application approved for the first time, it has to be error-free. To apply for a sponsor licence, the employer will have to submit the required set of documents and will also have to accept a certain amount of responsibilities. The sponsor licence application is likely to get rejected if the details provided are false or contain errors. However, sponsoring an employee, will not guarantee his/her entry into the UK. The employee will have to clear the visa application under the skilled worker route first.

An immigration lawyer can help the employees to obtain a visa, by helping them out in the process. Both the employer and the employee need to work together to get the sponsorship. While the employer will be working on the sponsor licence application, the employee will be working on his/her visa application by finding out details from the immigration lawyer, who will work with you and try to get a visa clearance in the first go itself. If the sponsor licence application is found free of errors, the employer will be granted a Certificate of Sponsorship. The process of moving to a new country is not an easy one as multiple things need to be assessed and reassessed, to get things right in the first place

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