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10 unexpected business costs you should be planning

Any business organization runs on two major variables; one is revenue and the other is expense. Before focusing on revenues, it is imperative to focus on costs that might change the whole working scenario for your organization. Those who tackle this concept deftly start their journey and speed up while those who don’t, end up with a messed up financial structure. For any business, cost is a factor which is quite difficult to detect at an early stage, therefore, we have prepared a list of those unexpected costs for which your business should be prepared at any point of time. By considering these cost recovery solutions, you can surely gain an edge over your financial strategies which will lead your business towards growth.

Market Research

Most of the businesses find it suitable to hire a market research firm for their business related research work. This is surely an additional cost which you owe. All it needs is little determination and time. It is you who know your business objectives well, therefore, you must indulge yourself in the research work with the help of online surveys, phone and e-mails.


You need a team of smart and proficient people to run your business. Most of the businesses don’t focus on the feasibility of staff to be kept. Decide with your objectives and who all will you actually need in your initial stage to begin well with that. Try to keep the KPIs strict and enroll manageable people as well know, it is the quality that matters, not the quantity.

Working Space

You need a platform from where your business can operate efficiently along with your team. Decide your priorities well before hiring any office space. Is it a lease you are going to take or you have to buy it in installments? The size, location and what all amenities will you get along with that space plays a crucial role in deciding your business’ initial performance.

Equipment & their maintenance

You must be well aware of the total tools and equipment which are going to be used during your business operation. Depending on their essence, decide well with the utility of every tool and its maintenance cost. Do you need to buy them brand new or second-hand can also serve the purpose? Being firm with them will enable you to adopt corrective cost recovery tax measures and save costs not only at your initial stage but in the coming time also. 

Getting your Business Insured

When it comes to run a business, there are multiple insurances which you might have to consider for every aspect like General liability, Medical, Worker’s compensation, Commercial vehicle, cost recovery method tax and many more. It will be better to consult a lawyer for this as there are several insurances which are mandatory while others are just puppets. Depending on the nature and scope of your business, you must clearly decide this factor patiently and compare online prices before opting any.

Permits & Licenses

Don’t be in a misconception that permits and licensing is a one-time expense. Most of them often have to be renewed and therefore, keep your budget set apart for them for future perspective. Apart from this, there are several memberships which you seek during your running business, be sure about the feasibility of these memberships as these may also cost you enough. You can also checkout our latest blogs Top 10 Actors In India.

Delayed Payments

Another important aspect which can affect your business in great sense. Payment delays can seriously hurt your financial bottom line, especially when payments are expected or necessary to cover costs. Most of the startups and small businesses don’t figure out what is cost recovery and also don’t have that much of cash flow with them to recover their delayed payments, be little strict with payment policies and also talk with your bank about overdraft protection.

Expenses on Employees

This is another factor closely related to hiring your employees. Think well before on expenseslike wages, salaries, and benefits (if offered), as well as advertising, interviewing, and training. Failure to compensate your employees will result in slow productivity which eventually lead your business towards more serious consequences.

Marketing & Advertising

As soon as you plan to run a business, deciding with its promotion policies is an indispensable part. There are multiple ways to promote your business like writing blog posts, making YouTube videos, hosting an event, attending a trade show, or cold calling potential customers. Depending on your budget, you can either opt to market it yourself or you can even hire an external agency which are expert in this field.

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