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Best Shapewear for different body types, as per Clothing Experts

Shapewear allows you to appear and feel your best, but it should not just make you smooth but also make you feel comfortable. With so many styles to pick from, it is tough to know which ones actually provide tummy control and which can make you look slender in muffin tops and maxi dresses. Here are some of the best picks from clothing experts that can help you look effortlessly beautiful irrespective of what your target areas or style preferences are. Hence, when shopping for best affordable shapewear, make sure you know what are you buying and why are you buying it:

High-waist shorts shapewear

This do-it all style brings your buttocks, thighs and hip to great shape and lays additional stress on the stomach. The high rise is designed to help you get rid of muffin tops. The best thing about it is that you can wear it for full day. It is light in weight and made of seamless fabric offering good firmness so it gives you a great feeling and helps you look great too.

Shapewear brief

For those who want to go for tummy control, but don’t require thigh coverage, they can go for shapewear brief. It offers great control around the stomach and keeps your fat well-placed. It is crafted to smooth the bulges and give you the perfect hourglass figure.

Bodysuit shapewear without bra

It has the stay-in-place advantages of a bodysuit and gives you higher compression. You can wear a bra of your own if you want. It provides full body smoothing and the sections give additional support in the mid-section. 

Shapewear bra

While there are some bras which give you unwanted lines and bulges but shapewear bras are designed to render smooth finish and fit to you. They also help in getting rid of back fat induced by bra. They render comfort, support and amazing appearance to the wearer.

Bodysuit shapewear with bra

If you want to hold everything in place, better than sectional shapewear, then you can go for this. It has bra attached to it. Made of breathable fabric, these bodysuits give you an effortless hourglass figure by amending your whole body.

Shapewear corset

The boning and smoothing corsets are designed to yield the best shape to your body. It may appear like old-school attire, but it adjusts as per your body and gives you the perfect fit. It is designed for everyone, especially those looking for abdominal support. It also enhances your body posture.

Postpartum shapewear

For new moms looking forward to smooth without getting uncomfortable, they can go for it. If you are looking forward to slim your tummy immediately after delivery, then this seamless shapewear will do it for you.


Apart from the other shapewear, wholesale sportswear is something which women can effortlessly wear to look slim. It gives you the breathability and comfort to exercise and provides the best body shape. Decked with shapewear features, it is one of the best things for women to don looking for fitness perfections.

You can shop for Lover-Beauty sportswear online from the comfort of your home at highly slashed rates.

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