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To more saving and cleaning environment


The present world is undergoing huge environmental and climatic changes. These are several reasons for the same and if we see one-by-one, the learning will be enormous. Due to the current over-consumption rates across the world, there is rapid industrialization and many firms do not use technology in an efficient manner. Most of the top firms are able to compromise on important issues and focus more on their growth. This, along with many other factors, it is getting a little difficult to heal the world to make it a better place. Sunseap Group is one of those firms that put its efforts into climatic changes and helps more for environmental healing.

This group is the largest and the most established firm that is focused on providing clean energy solutions. Their main regional operations are done in the South East Asia Pacific region. The firm is currently having a pipeline of portfolios and projects that are being undertaken and completed in the due course of time. These projects are spread across Singapore, South East Asia, and Pacific regions. Their tariff plans and Singapore electricity price plans are extremely low in the whole country. It helps people to get discounts from the regular price and pay only what needs to be paid.

What are the plans?

As the leading solar retailer group, Sunseap has come up with two kinds of solar electricity plans. This will help in reduction in the consumption of electricity and provides efficient power that has the capacity to light up the whole place. Their Singapore electricity price plans are based on a low fixed rate and discounted tariffs. These are extremely standard plans and will help the people to take a discount on the prevailing tariffs that will be much more than what they provide.

Discounted off tariff will help those people who want to maximize the savings. Through this, people will be able to save up to 23% of the electricity bill. This will be the best start for the people who would like to see some profit for themselves rather than paying the entire electricity amount. This will also influence other people to switch to solar mode to save more.

The contract can last for 6, 12, or 24 months according to the wish of the people. It used 1% solar energy and provides a 23% discount off the SP electricity tariff. There is no transmission loss charge put up and it does not require any security deposit. People who wish to get the plans started can visit the website and sign up for the contract for the months they want. Sunseap-50 and Sunseap-100 are other plans that use 50% and 100% solar energy respectively for those who are environmentally conscious.

It is always a wise choice to choose a clean, renewable energy source that reduces the carbon footprint on the earth. Any affordable clean energy should be well taken care of which will decide the health of the environment in the future to come. 

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