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Tips helpful in preparing for JEE mains


Right from the starting of the student life, the children are always appearing in the exams. Though the format of the exam varies with school and class every student has to go through the same procedure. In the same way, many universities and educational institutes take the help of some or the other national level exam to shortlist the list of candidates that can take admission to your campus. One example of such an exam is JEE. This exam is conducted to shortlist the students who can take admission to Indian Institutes of Technology.

The candidate needs to prepare for this exam very well because it quite hard to crack this exam. A candidate can go through JEE advanced paper samples. Apart from this, the candidate can follow some of the tips that will help in cracking this exam. Let’s have a look at this.

        Learn NCERT: Before starting preparation for anything, you need to make your base very strong. The same is in this case of the exam. The student first needs to go through NCERT books thoroughly so that he has an idea of all the concepts that will be included in this exam. Most of the syllabus of the exam is covered if the student has gone through this book completely.

        Choose the best reference books: It is very important when you are preparing for an exam that from where you are studying the entire syllabus. So it is better to always consult the books that match the level of the exam. These books will help you to know the standard of the question that might be asked in the paper.

        Learn online: It is very true to say that education has no limit. If you are preparing for any exam you should not only depend upon books only. Rather you should refer to different websites, where you will let you know more about the concepts. Go for video tutorials for more clarification of the concept.

        Revise daily: Practice is the key to success in the same way if you revise the syllabus on the regular basis you will be able to polish your knowledge. Even this habit of revising will take you to some of the concepts which might be unclear to you and you can clear them with your teacher or friends.

        Solve previous year question papers: It is better to go through the previous year’s question papers so that you can know where you stand. Also, it will help you to know the mistakes that can be improved before appearing in the final exam.

        Stay positive: There is no doubt to say that the JEE exam is very hard to clear. But there is nothing impossible in that as well. So it is better to stay positive throughout the preparation process and even in the exam so that you can focus on your studies well.

These are some of the common tips that can help in building your schedule for exam preparation. Before appearing in the exam do give JEE advanced mock test.

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