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How to Use the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

 There are various steps entailed to use these Masterbuilt smokers, this below-written guide is going to give you a clear idea.

We have divided this guide in a series of steps so that you can instantly understand it.

Season your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

The first and important step is to season your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker. This seasoning will remove and burn off all oil and dust that is already residing on your smoker.

Before you season your smoker, make sure that there should be no water right in the pan. Furthermore, turn on the smoker so that it can preheat itself.

Set your smoker timer for up to 3 hours and after that, you can add a half cup of wood chips.

Prepare and set your meat

You have to carefully and properly meat your meat so that you can place it in this Masterbuilt Electric Smoker.

It is according to your meat recipe that you have to prepare and get ready for your meat stuff.

When you are done with the marinating job of it, then leave your meat stuff for a few hours so that it can give you the best flavors in the end.

Even more, if your meat is not prepared and you toss it in the smoker without marinating it, then how can you expect delicious flavor and taste from your dish?

Preheat your Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

The next important and significant step is pre-heating. Specifically for this pre-heating phase, you have to turn on your smoker around and about 45 minutes beforehand.

Add about half a cup of wood chips and when no smoke is produced after some and this half cup of wood chips is also consumed, then you can throw another half cup of wood chips.

Set the temperature, put in wood chips, and starts to refill your water pan

In these next series of steps, what you have to do is to set the ideal cooking temperature range of your smoker.

In other words, the perfect temperature scale is 225 degrees F. Furthermore, refill this water pan of yours and keep on adding more wood chips.

When you see that the first batch of wood chips no longer produces smoke, then toss another batch of these wood chips.

Avoid overdosing your electric smoker as well.

You have to read the manual part of your electric smoker so that you can know how much water and wood chips it needs after how much time gap.

Keep your meat stuff completely moist

If you are specifically using this subjected electric smoker, then make sure to keep your meat as moist as you can.

To keep it moist, it is always advised to baste it. Like if your meat needs three hours of smoking cooking time, then you should baste it for two hours beforehand.

Apart from basting, you can apply sauce on it. The more juicy components and ingredients you are going to use on your meat, the better it will be in its taste from your first till the last bite.

Taking the meat out from the electric smoker

When you see that your meat has smoked up to perfection, then you can take it out from the smoker.

Avoid instantly serving this smoked meat to your guests. Allow these slices of meat to cool down, cut them down, and then serve them.

Serving this smoked meat is not the end of the job from your side. You have to clean this smoker too.

Firstly, allow it to completely cool down and then clean it up. Regularly clean this appliance and for further clearance and guidance, you can read out its cleaning manual.


What you can do is buy this Masterbuilt Electric Smoker and cook something on it!

We are anxiously waiting for your reviews and we are sure that this smoker is not going to give you any difficulty while you use it.

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