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Buying a unique mobile number

Do you want to have a unique mobile number? The mobile numbers are usually distributed by the service providers. But, you can have a unique mobile number. Some people believe in lucky numbers. They think that numbers such as 5, 7, 9 etc are lucky for them. So, they want such a mobile number that the sum total of all the mobile numbers should be equivalent to the desired number. To buy unique mobile number, the persons should pay special fees.

Buying some unique numbers

Some of the unique numbers are displayed on the screen and the people can view these unique numbers. They can enquire the price online. Then, they can add the number to the cart. They should pay some fees to get the number. Then, accordingly, they can buy a sim card of the respective number. People have different choices about numbers.

They can buy some of the premium numbers. People can buy unique mobile number of different types. They can buy the mobile numbers of a particular series. They can buy numbers that are easier to remember. Some numbers such as 90 90 80 and so on. For e.g. Even the number 86 51 51 51 46 can be remembered easily. People who usually cannot remember numbers can buy such easy numbers. But, the service providers do not easily allocate numbers to anyone. They should pay some fees to the service provider to acquire such a number.

Three series number

The people can buy the three series numbers also known as AAA or BBB series numbers. For e.g.the number can be 9 333 666 etc.

Continuous series numbers

People can buy the mobile numbers of continuous series of 1234, 4567, etc. People can easily remember these numbers also. Sometimes, people can even buy the numbers whose aggregate is the desired number.

Triple numbers

People can buy the triple numbers as their mobile numbers. Such numbers contains 3 0’s in between. Such triple numbers usually contain numbers such as 007 or 008 etc in between. So, the 10-digit numbers can be remembered easily. So, the service providers provide unique sim card number also. 

Tetra numbers

The people can buy the tetra series numbers because they can be remembered easily. A single number is repeated many times and hence a person can remember the number easily. For e.g.the number 8 can be repeated many times. For e.g., the number is 6 the mobile number can be 8 666466566 etc.

Mirror numbers

Mirror numbers are also known as symmetrical numbers the first five digits are repeated twice. So, e.g.for mirror numbers are 98731 98731. So, these numbers are easier to remember. Such numbers are expensive compared to the other numbers.

The service providers provide many other numbers that are easier to remember such as the septa numbers, hexa numbers, two-digit numbers, triple numbers, penta numbers, Octa numbers, ABC series numbers, etc. They provide these numbers at a higher cost, but can be remembered easily. The service provider unique sim card number and these numbers are not allocated to anyone.

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