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Best baby cribs buying guide 2020

The crib for the baby is one of the most important things you will buy for your baby’s room. Your precious little one will spend their first 3 years of their life inside the crib than outside. That is why it necessary to choose a crib that is comfortable, safe, and more suited to the available space.

New parents often make a mistake of buying a crib purely based on looks. Of course, it is also a piece of furniture and looks do matter. But it is also important to know whether the crib you buy suits your needs. So, to help you to choose the best baby crib, here are some factors you should assess before making an investment. we cover other baby related products on our blog.

  • Comfort
At first, you will have to reach the new-born easily without bending over too much. Make sure to consider the height of the crib because the crib must accommodate your reach for the baby.

  • Adjustability
Choosing an adjustable crib is a good investment. It won’t be long before the child starts to stand and climb on the rails. With an adjustable crib, you can lower it so that the child can climb in and out by themselves.

  • Safety
For newborn babies, safety is a top priority. Anything can become a hazard for them. That is why you need to find a safe baby crib. Old designs like drop-down sides are gone now because they were considered unsafe for the babies.
What works for other parents might not be the one that suits your needs and baby’s safety. Make a series of safety checks with any crib before buying them. The crib’s slats should be strong and the mattress should not tilt. Check that the frame doesn’t flex drastically and the corners are square. Materials, paint, and the fabrics used in the crib should be non-toxic.
Avoid extra accessories like pillows, heavy blankets, and crib bumpers because they are a risk for causing suffocation.

  • Design
Generally, a good design is a combination of functionality and aesthetics. Of course, style is important. But the functionality of the baby crib is far more important than style. Check whether the size of the crib fits in your apartment. Research other features that are available along with the crib.

  • Size
To fit the needs of the parents, the crib comes in a huge variety of sizes. Some are more portable and compact than others. They are for people who live in duplexes or small apartments. Make sure that the room doesn’t feel cramped because of the crib.

  • Lifespan
The lifespan of cribs vary. Some are for newborns till they are 1 year old. Some have a longer lifespan and can be used even when the baby becomes a toddler. And there are models which can last for years.

The bottom line

The main goal of a baby crib is to give safety, comfort, and peace of mind. It is a guarantee for the baby’s good night sleep, helping the parents to be less stressed. So, research to find the best baby crib to suit both you and your baby.

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