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Online Personal Loan Apps Can Help You Make Your Wedding During Coronavirus Lockdown

A wedding is a magical day that happens just once in a lifetime and therefore deserves all the expenses. As such, a personal loan can be a great option to fund the wedding expenses. This article will provide you with an insight into the benefits that you can expect by taking a personal loan online to tackle your wedding expenses during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Online Personal Loan Apps can help you make your wedding during Coronavirus Lockdown

In India, a wedding usually needs substantial financing, and the cost further increases when it comes to a destination wedding. Though there are several funding options in the market, online personal loan seems to be the first preference of most people. In fact, a recent survey claims that in 2018-19, more than 20% of the loan applications were for weddings. 

The absence of any collateral is believed to be the biggest reason behind the growing popularity of the personal loan. Besides, the ease and convenience a personal loan app offers also make it easy to avail the amount in a short duration. Here are some reasons to consider an online personal loan application to finance your wedding

        No Compromise on Huge Expenses

As popular lenders provide a personal loan for marriage these days, it is easier to find a loan as per your requirement. Most lenders are offering a maximum loan amount of up to Rs. 30 lakhs to finance weddings. This, in turn, helps you to book your wedding venue, caterers, and other essentials well in advance, without compromising on the quality. Besides, you can also order the best-in-class jewellery, accommodation facilities for your guests, and photographers. 

        EMI Option for Loan Repayment

These days, many people opt for a personal loan due to its flexible repayment option. You can choose the loan term according to your convenience and even opt for monthly instalments for ease in repayment of the loan. You can also make the repayment through online medium, without physically visiting the branch. Long repayment tenure will help you to minimize the monthly EMI. 

        Instant Loan Approval

As mentioned earlier, all the reputed lenders are now offering their own mobile loan applications. Using these applications, you can check your eligibility for the loan, apply for it, and even complete the documentation within a few minutes. The instant loan approval feature is quite helpful for arranging money at the last minute. Most lenders transfer the loan amount within 24-48 hours of approval. As a result, you can make the necessary arrangements instantly, as per the recommendation of the wedding planner, and deliver the best possible experience for your guests.


It is a no-brainer that people want their wedding to be memorable, and a personal loan can make the task easier for you. The instant approval, low-interest rate, and flexible repayment tenure are some of the significant advantages of opting for a personal loan to finance your wedding. However, it's highly advised to choose a reputed lender to have the best possible experience.

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