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Mixer Grinder Vs. Stand Mixer: Pros and Cons

Many advances have been made in today’s time, and various appliances are being used to make life easy. Some of the appliances are almost the same and work on the same line, but still, there are a few differences that make them unique from another one. Many appliances are being required in the kitchen, but the two which are essential for the kitchen are Stand Mixer and Mixer Grinder.

Mixer Grinder

This appliance could be used in the kitchen for different purposes, and several things could be done easily in it. Whether it is grinding or making of shakes, almost everything could be done on it easily. It works for a multiple of things with ease, for which earlier the one who is working needs to spend a lot of time as well as efforts. 

Stand Mixer

Many of the daily routine tasks such as whipping, grating, and other work could be done easily through it. Stand Mixers makes food preparation easy and delicious to have.

Both of them have their pros and cons which make it different from each other and person using it most of the times prefer having both –

       Motor – The motor of the mixer grinder is powerful, and a lot of heavy grinding stuff could be done easily on it. But on the other side, the motor of a stand mixer is not that powerful. There are times when to prepare the lower food; it is required to have the lesser watts motor over there powerful motor would not be working well. Similarly, if the grinding is to be done for a harder food item, the motor should be powerful, which could grind it properly.
       Assistance – The stand mixer is to be fixed in the kitchen, and not much of assistance is being required for working on it. In the bowl, things can be kept, and mixers should be turned on for preparing the food item. On the other side, while working on the mixer, grinder assistance is being required for working on it. Without holding the jar, it will not do the stuff. If the lid of a jar does not hold tightly, then it will come out. 
       Features – In the stand mixers, there are different features such as settings that could be programmed, alarm, as well as timers. Things can be kept, and an alarm could be set. After some time as the user set, an alarm will be raised then a user can go and take the food item outside. But in a mixer grinder, there is no such setting or features. Instead, there are different speeds on which the user can work depending on the work which one wants to do.

So both of them are unique to each other in their ways, and for the kitchen, it will be best to have both as it will solve the various purpose. Though some of the work done by both are the same, still there are many differences which make both of it essential for the kitchen.

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